Friday, June 14, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab

Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab amid new drug scandal.

Lindsay Lohan has checked out rehab at the Betty Ford treatment center near Palm Springs, Calif., and has entered the Cliffside rehab center in Malibu. Lindsay has completed just 30 days of her 90-day lockdown sentence from her 2012 auto accident. Sources say Lohan, 26, left Betty Ford due to an outbreak of drugs at the respected facility. A friend of another patient allegedly brought drugs into the facility during a visit.
Lohan apparently didn’t take any of the drugs but wanted out of Betty Ford anyway. Sources tell Radar Online Friday, June 14, that Lindsay has been disruptive since the start of her treatment, refusing therapy and not participating in group therapy. They report Lindsay was transferred Thursday.
Multiple sources claim the drugs were brought into the Betty Ford facility, and allegedly they were Oxycontin. One source insisted Lindsay didn’t take any of the banned substance.
Lindsay Lohan moves to new exclusive rehab center in Malibu after drugs were allegedly brought into the Betty Ford center, and due to her supposed disruptive behavior.
Getting drugs in rehab facilities is generally not too difficult since visitors are not rigorously checked. After all, rehab is usually voluntary and it’s not a prison. You either go with the program or leave and relapse.
However, the drug issue aside, Lohan was by no means a perfect patient and is said to have become “problematic” for not being able to follow the rules.
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