Monday, June 10, 2013

Madonna's Fury After Nile Rodgers Turned Her Down

Funk legend Nile Rodgers recalls the time Madonnna angrily confronted him for NOT trying to sleep with her.

FUNK legend Nile Rodgers has revealed he sent Madonna into a fury — by NOT trying to bed her.
Nile, 60, told how Madge, 54, was upset that he never made a pass at her when producing her 20 million-selling Like A Virgin album in the 1980s.
The legendary guitarist — who features on Daft Punk’s No 1 hit Get Lucky — revealed: “I was standing at an elevator when she goes, ‘Why don’t you want to f*** me?’
“I was like, ‘What did you just say to me?’ She was wondering why I had not propositioned her. She couldn’t understand that. It was like, ‘Everybody wants me’.”
Explaining his position, he added: “One time I slept with a really beautiful artist I was working with and it was a really wrong thing to do. So, I didn’t work like that.”
But he said Madonna was always one of his best pals, adding: “I grew as close to Madonna as I’ve ever been to a woman without being romantically involved
“She was the most driven person. The day I met her she said, ‘I’m going to be a really big superstar’.”
The US musician also revealed that Madge inspired him to quit booze and drugs — after he passed out at her 38th birthday party.
He said: “I don’t remember any of this. But I was told I was carried out of Madonna’s house.
“It was the most embarrassing night of my life. I have never had a drink or taken drugs since.”
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Anonymous said...

Wow first I heard it was D'Angelo and now Nile Rogers. I guess that's one white pussy black men won't touch.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Black men had her - Big Daddy Kane, DeVante Swing, just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Who hasn't had madonna. This ho has been around.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she's happy Li'l Wayne in 60years turned her down, judging by this pic. The visual is enough to make any woman celebate. He might roll up on a prostitute on the Blvd, and she'd be like, 'it's my day off'

Anonymous said...

Nile Rogers is talented as fuck.
Madonna wanted to colonize black men with her pussy. Fuck that old ugly ho.

She really did fuck everybody, and I mean everybody.

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