Friday, June 7, 2013

Paris Jackson Leaves Suicide Note

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris wrote a suicide note and hacked her arm with a meat cleaver in a botched suicide bid.

Paris Jackson left a suicide note and then cut her arm with a meat cleaver ... TMZ has learned.
Sources with an intimate knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... Michael Jackson's daughter called a suicide hotline and the person on the other end was alarmed enough to call 911.
Our sources say in addition to cutting her right forearm, Paris had taken a large number of Motrin pills.
We're told once Paris was taken by stretcher to an ambulance and then transported to a nearby hospital, she was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours.
She received "numerous stitches" for the cut.
As for the suicide note ... we do not know what she wrote.
TMZ broke the story ... officials first responded to Paris' home in Calabasas around 1:30 AM Wednesday morning.
Jacked from TMZ


Anonymous said...

First of all this inbred is not MJs daughter.

I thought she went to live with the fat guy on the farm. What happened?

This inbred coattailriding off the Jackson name getting all the attention while the REAL Jacksons have to sufffer through all her selfish attention whoring PROBLEMS. I bet the Jacksons are NAUSIATED by the sight of her present & the fact that shes carrying their iconic name.

What more does she want? Shes already stealing the Jackson spotlight. & all of the Jackson fortune. SELFISH blue eyed dragon does not have any REAL problems!!

Anonymous said...

This inbred was supposed to be bonding with & living with the fat man on that big farm. Why won't she leave the Jacksons in peace? I saw this on Good Morning American. & they were acting as if the jacksons are causing her harm..She does whatever she wants.

Its the other way around. Shes making that family miserable. She needs to stay away from ALL the Jacksons. & go live with some white people.

This inbred DEVIL cut her wrist, took pills, called the ambulance & then begs for privacy!

Anonymous said...

Why do your sick ass worry so much about this "inbred"? You wish the Jacksons felt the same way you do. Sorry, not all are racist twisted demented bitches.

Anonymous said...


Why you so worried about what I'm worried about? Black people that love white people are the sick ones.

99.9% of white inbreds are racist & practice beastiality. You're just to stupid to know it. & if you are an inbred that includes you.

Anonymous said...

11:09 If they are racist and practice beastiality, what does that have to do with you? You are no better than the "inbreds" you speak against. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Bitch you are the sick one. Please know this demented psycho does not speak for all Blacks. IT is an embarrassment. Just another troll.

Anonymous said...

Hope this is the only time this child tries something like this. Suicide is never the answer.

Anonymous said...


You uncle toms/tomicinas are always embarrassed when people tell the truth about inbreds.

But you welcome contain basing of black celebrities & join in on it. If this had of been a beyonce post, you would be bashing the hell out of her & getting mad at anyone defending her, like shes not even human with feelings.

I bet you guys believe she deserved to get slapped on the ass by that peckerwood in Drnmark. But if it had of been a inbred, you all would of been calling it disgusting and an assault. If I was there I would have gauged his eyes out & blinded him.

I bet the reason Gossip jacker didn't post that story is because, you fools would of ridiculed her for what that inbred did to her.

This is the worst uncle toming and coon generation to date. There is no more black pride. All you fools care about is pleasing whitey.

This inbred is clearly making the Jackson family miserable, but all you care about is her. White people don't care about blacks, so why you so concerned about her

The news does not even mention or help searchs for black women or care anything about black suffering. but you coons will continue to lick their asses until slavery is reinstated. You people are nothing but a bunch of HOUSE NIGGERS!!

I'm much OLDER than you.I know white people are the spawn of satan. I have witnessed to much of them to think otherwise.

Anonymous said...


Answer to what? Name one problem she has! Besides being a WHITE DEVIL.

Anonymous said...


Why are you defending beastiality?

You uncle toms/tomicinas of this generation believe anything that any inbred wants to do should be excepted. Then you follow suit. Just to fit in. WHITEY IS LAUGHING AT YOU.

Stop cooning & making a fool of yourself.

There are so many of you that don't even whip your children & let them talk crazy to you just to mimic whitey. SAD sad sad! Moron!

I'm way SMARTER than you.. I KNOW EVERYTHING!!

Anonymous said...

If she is a white devil, what the hell are you? A black snake? You know everything? LOL!!!! SMH. You are one UNQUALIFIED and sick narcissist. You and Step and Fetchit are the biggest coons. You carry on about people bashing Beyaphomet "like shes not even human with feelings" but look at how you speak about this child. Hypocrite much. You even came at 11:34 for no reason at all. Like you they are just expressing an opinion/concern. Has NOTHING to do with you. You are one creepy crazy ass bitch

Anonymous said...

All that dude did was knock her butt pads out of place. I am sure it was all a pr stunt. Looks staged.

Anonymous said...

12:16 Comprehension is key. If "inbreds" practice beastiality, then why do you care. It is their lives. No defending of beastiality there. I tell you...Bellevue is missing one.

Anonymous said...

If I was there I would have gauged his eyes out & blinded him.
A clear indication of you not being allowed within a 100mi radius any celeb. Not that serious but you mental issue certainly is.

Anonymous said...


CHILD? Are you insane? this is no child. She is a media hungry selfish BITCH & when shes with the fat guy on the farm, she refers to black people as NIGGERS. Thats the way it is, cause that in whitey inbreds NATURE. They can't help it.

Creepy? I am not creepy. I am a realist. MJ fucked up. MJ was creepy, making 3 test tubes in his laboratory.

Creepy is EVERYTHING white people do. They are DEVILS! When we blacks do what whitey inbreds do. We go to JAIL!

One day you will wake up. Until then, keep sucking whiteys balls!

"Has NOTHING to do with you"? So When you bash every black celebrity & beyonce, what does it have to do with you? Does that make you a creepy crazy bitch? Or are only people who bash WHITEY creepy crazy bitchs?

Anonymous said...


You uncle tom/tomicinas hate bey so much, if an INBRED killed her. You would call it a PR stunt!

That disgusting inbred should have kept his hands to himself. If someone touch one on those inbred DOGFUCKERS on her ass. You would be angry & irrate. But since its Beyonce, its a pr stunt.

Who wants some feminine spineless jellyfish piece of inbred male garbage slapping their ass??

Anonymous said...

If this inbred was on here wearing a kkk sheet & spewing the word nigger. All you uncle toms/tomicinas would be on here defending her.

Nothing but a generation of HOUSE NIGGERS!!

Anonymous said...


If he had raped her. You would say it looked staged. I sincerely hope. Your MOM,SISTER & DAUGHTER get their asses SLAPPED by a stranger very SOON. I hope you write it off as staged.

Beyonce is a REAL person.she does not deserve that treatment, you piece of trash. i wish i could spit in your face!

Anonymous said...

You are truly a disturbed individual. All uptight about a staged pr stunt of some dude knocking her butt pads out of place, but will this child a bitch. You compare a slap on the butt pads to rape? Yeah, you are gone!!! Time in mental institution will do wonders for you. I guess this is all the attention you get, so I will indulge for a while. You are quite a case If I must say so myself. You are entirely too old to carry on the way you do about people you don't know. You call whitey inbred and such, but have the audacty to get uptight when someone comes for Beysahoe or lil blue petri dish. You seem as though you will give your life for the satanic trio Bey is a real person, huh? Well, so is Paris, duh!!! If you had the opportunity to spit in my face, bitch know consequences for your actions will quickly follow. Stans are certifiable!!

Anonymous said...

The house niggers are the ones you look up to. Coons GaylipZ and WannaBeywhite.

Anonymous said...


Jay doesn't concern me. I'm a bey fan only.

Bey does not speak with a squeaky weak peckerwood voice like female inbreds.

b, shes not weak & scary
d she has rhythm
e shes not attracked to spineless jellyfish male inbreds
f. Shes never called a peckwood her family

A Black woman with a black husband , a black child & has never dated a white man.

Thats a real house nigger for you.

When I see beyonce hold a white baby or kneel down to a white child then she will be a coon..

Usually coons love white children. bey doesn't.

Anonymous said...

No, Beydunce speaks like the dumbass she is.

Anonymous said...


If I SPIT in your face, you would do shit but take it.

You must be the uncletomicina thats always crying over this inbred.

I am not a stan. Some inbred coined that word & you losers are obsessed with it.. I have not interest in Jay I am a bey fan. I am the VOICE OF REASON & I don't believe everything whitey does should be excused like most of you do. Whitey should be accountable for what he does, just like black people.

I didn't compare a slap to rape. i said if the inbred had raped her you would say it was staged & a PR stunt. Cause whitey is always innocent.

If you are a woman, I hope some stranger walks up to you & slaps you on your ass. & that goes for your MOM.SISTER,DAUGHTER & any female you care about..See how you like it you piece of garbage

truely disturbed
mental institution

You forgot:
sit down
have a seat
take your meds
you are lonely
no friends

isn't that what you always say when people share a different opinion & don't suck white balls. If I was a uncle Tomicina & bashed all black celebrities. You would refer to me as NORMAL & rational.

Anonymous said...

3:46 I reinterate, you will quickly deal with the consequences for said foolish actions. Trust! You are crazy, but not that crazy. You are the voice of reason only according to YOU. Your insanity has been duly noted.

Isn't your response typically, "suck whitey balls"? Hypocrisy at its best. So foolish you can't see what a hypocrite you are. There is nothing normal about bahing ANY child/children, psycho. Your crazy ass always makes it about color. When you are given back what your sick ass spews, you want to call other uncle toms, etc. So, what do you call it when a person just bash white celebs? I guess that would be normal and rational, huh?

Anonymous said...


You sure talk tough for a uncle tomicina. You people spend too much time with whitey inbreds which means you are weak & can't do shit. You don't even realize you are black, so how are you gonna fight? white people can't fight they call 911.

if i spit in your face you wouldn't get a chance to do anything but take your beating like the weak peckerwood loving bitch you are.

"there is nothing normal about bahing Any child/children"Aren't you the same uncle tomicina that hates black babies. i guess you feel its okay to bash black babies but not a damn near grown coattailriding disrespectful inbred.

I know you don't understand this, but black babies are human beings/children not lucifer as you refer to them.

You have to understand the world was not made for whitey. Its for all people. All races are HUMAN EXcluding whitey. he/she is simply the DEVIL so you keep kissing white ass

maybe your dream will come true to wake up one day & slavery comes back. you will proudly beg to be that female lab rats personal devoted slave.You will fight to the death to live on her plantation so she can send her overseer to RAPE you so you can have some cute half breed children.

Keep dreaming maybe the devil will grant you wish.

Anonymous said...


I know you are that uncle tomicina, inbred Retard your alter ego. i missed blogging with you imbecile. Where you been, taking dog french kissing classes?

I know you gotta follow the inbred way. next is learning how to fuck a dog. Then fucking your brother or father..After that, you get your OFFICIAL certificate of completed requirements to meet satifactory INBRED standards.

Then you are an official INBRED! WHOOPI!! OH happy day. You will officially become a stiff dancer,fuck anything with a heartbeat,& look 40 by the age of 26 CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

Uncle tomicina.2:45

lil blue petri dish?You seriously hate black children don't you.?!!

Anonymous said...

5:09 You seem to regressing to having the mind of a 12 year old. Childish remarks about whites not being able to fight, etc. Act your age. Aren't you over 40? Seriously. Like I said, however, you are crazy but not that crazy. You don't know who I spend my time with and speaking of time you spend entirely too much time concerning yourself with "whitey" and assume too much about people you do not know. I suppose if your life was filled with love you wouldn't be as bitter and hateful as you are. I guess I have to keep repeating myself since your ability to comprehend is severely impaired. I go for your gods when you speak negatively about MJ/MJ3. You don't care for MJ so what does it matter to you what goes on with his kids?

Black babies are human children. Not white babies? If it bothers you that I call the petri dish creation blucifer then so be it. As long as you call other kids out their names, this will continue to happen. Shows your HYPOCRISY. You act like you know the devil when you see it in whitey, but you don't see in the satanic trio? I literally laugh out loud when reading your psychotic rants. You are clearly disturbed/delusional. You worhip two people who openly worships satan and you call others the devil. All jokes aside, you really are sick. Your comment at 5:31 is proof of it. Disusting.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been here in a while because unlike you I have a life. Oh my....did I offend you with that remark. Tough. No different than you calling the kids lab rats, or inbreds, etc. Sick ass

Anonymous said...


"I guess i have to keep repeating myself since your abillity is severely impaired" I keep telling you jay is no concern to me. but you continue to mention him even though I could care less about him. referring to the trio. There is no trio schizophrenia. I am a bey fan only, i am NOT, nor will I ever be a fan of Jay.

I guess the voices in your head won't allow you to stop talking about Jay. hes no concern to me. I don't even like him. So why do you keep saying I worship him?

I don't spend entirely to much time concerning myself with whitey. i only speak of them on the internet. I'm too smart to do it in my everyday life. I have to work with those devils. My colleagues believe we are friends. I dislike them abundantly.hehe!!

Oh & guess what. Last week month, i got a inbred fired. It was sweet!!

also I have told you time & time again that i don't worship human beings. i worship God. Its a sin to have idols. I am a beyonce FAN. What are you gonna do force label me a Beyonce worshipper? Ain't gonna work cause i don't worship her, get that through your uncle tomicina thick skull.

Beyonce worships God. She speaks of God not satan. People who worship satan will NOT speak of GOD, they will tell you that are devil worshippers. Whitey inbreds have the nerve to start this TREND of saying black celebrities worship the devil, when they BARLY mention the Lord & are born DEVILS!! But you like most uncle toms believe whatever WHITEY tells you. YOU GOT A LOT TO LEARN.

Regressing to a 12 year old child by speaking the truth? White people can't fight. They are scard spineless jellyfish!

You read all my comments. you know I'm over 40 schizophrenia. Where is your alter ego RETARDED inbred!

I told your absent minded ass plenty of times MJ is a factor to me cause i used to love him before he changed his race & I only talk about this selfish female inbred test tube because I CAN, its a free blog. You talk about beyonce on her posts "what does she matter to you what goes on with her" or the other black celebrities that you bash while uplifting whitey in the same breath?.

"if your life was filled with love you wouldn't be as bitter and hateful as you are"? So you're saying if my life was filled with love i would follow your crowd & bash beyonce her baby to death on all her posts & uplift whitey every chance i get

So as a black woman, if I bash black babys,call them lucifer, bash black people & uplift whitey like you,it'll mean I'm not bitter & my life is filled with love? You are an unimaginable selfhating FOOL with that concept!!!

My comment 5:31 is RIGHT ON! as we used to say in the 70's!

Anonymous said...


I'm happy to know you have a life. I think its very important to have a life.

Anonymous said...

Jay is her alleged hubby. Naturally I would include him in the fam, dummy. Not about you being a fan of his. You smile at this inbred being fired. Keep in mind, you too are being watched. You reap what you sow. There are photos of Beyaphomet wearing jewlery of the god she serves as well as designer dresses with the image embedded on it. She is with Jay who is a known satanist. When she mentiones god it is not the God I one would assume. White people are born devils? Yeah....ok.

SMH MJ changed his RACE? Stupid as hell.You speak about the selfish inbred because you can, well it only stands to reason I can speak of the lil petri dish blucifer because I can. Noooo. I said, if you life was fufilling you wouldn't be as bitter and hateful as you are. That comprehension thing really is not your strong point. The self hating miserable fool is you. You continue to overlook how I call you out on your hypocrisy or maybe it is because your simple mind cannot bear what I am saying. Your comment at 5:31 clearly shows how sick your ass really is. Truly demented.
The term is spelled babies, ok. And, certainly am not saying you should bash anyone. That is just the way your warped mind works. You don't have to follow anyone either. Like who you wish. Don't care. To repeat yet again, you speak negatively about the kids I will speak the same about the surrogate's product. If you lost interest in MJ back in the day, then he and his kids should be a non factor to you. You stalk these kids. Sick

Anonymous said...


You are such a relentless imbicile!. How can i stalk test tubes on Gossip Jacker. Are you from planet Mars?

I know you uncletomicinas & inbreds don't like to here the truth, but i have to tell it like it is.

I wouldn't care if Jay was surgically attacted to beys ass, i am not a fan of his. so he is not of any concern of mine.

i LIKE Beyonce ONLY! She is great!
i don't care how many stupid comments you make about hating blue, she is not lucifer, just because you hate black babys does not mean they are lucifer . i am not gonna hate them & uplift white devils to follow white devils. WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL!!!

Stop using "warped". you copied that word off of me. You started using it so much. i couldn't even use it anymore be original. Come up with your own shit uncleTomicina.

MJ didn't have any "kids" this is a test tube & she belongs to the fat guy that owns the farm. She needs to pack up & leave the jacksons in piece. Shes just a selfish BITCH!!

Anonymous said...

SMH. Let me get this straight. You honestly think I have never used the word "warped" before? Wow. LOL @ you telling me to be original and a beystealing fan. I have often wondered what planet you were from, but just came to the realization you just aren't well. Stalking the kids was to be taken as a figure of speech, not literally dumbass. A grown ass woman calling a kid a bitch. SMH. They are his kids, (legally if not bilogically) like or not and you are no one to say where this child belongs or what she should do. No one. She is a part of that family because of the man himself much to your chagrin. Keep hating that fact. It won't change it. Crazy. Again, Jay is part of the fam. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU NOT BEING A FAN OF HIS. What is attacted? You have convinced yourself I hate black babies, huh? SMH. You are a mental mess. If that makes you feel better, so be it I guess. Meds are needed. Just because you hate white kids doesn't mean they are devils. Only fair right? If MJ3 are test tubes/ white devils then blue is labled as petri dish/BLUCIFER. And you are just a crazy BITCH.

Anonymous said...

Typing to fast. That's biologically.

Anonymous said...


Those test tubes are not MJs children.

The attention seeking inbred is not a child. She is an overgrown disrespectful coattailed riding BITCH!!

Beyonces concerts sold out in minutes. I am not her only fan. & i'm excited for july 15.WHOOPI!!

If you think as a black woman, hating black babies, crying over disrespectful white test tubes & uplifting whitey on a daily makes you a "well" person,so be it, uncletomicina. enjoy yourself.

"a grown ass woman calling" a black baby lucifer SMH

"You are a mental mess" if you believe I need "meds" because I speak the truth. "if it makes you feel better to call black children lucifer, so be it uncletomicina.

Anonymous said...


What kind of black woman are you??why would you encourage and defend a male inbred slapping beyonce on her ass? What is wrong with you?

Even if you hate bey. AS a woman, how can you be so stupid & defend that behavior?? Is whitey that IMPORTANT to you that you would accuse her of staging that. Any FOOL can see that wasn't staged?

Are you so hideous that you have never experienced being inappropriately, spontaniously touched by a male??? You are such a disgraceful PIECE OF SELFHATING SHIT!! I wish I could slap some self love into your uncletomcina face...

Julius should have SNAPPED his neck!!

Anonymous said...

So I guess we agree with each other. You continue to speak of these kids as though they are not human, I will do the same in regards to that spawn in the petri dish, Blucifer. If you feel justified in your hatred of other kids, so be it. I don't call black children lucifer. Just the spawn of beyaphomet's and Jaymoose.

Anonymous said...

Rancid racist, what the hell is wrong with you? I could care less what happened during one of her shows. I didn't even see the footage. Just saw it on the blog and only said it is more than likely a PR stunt. The man should not have to die for touching her butt pads, psycho. She didn't die apparently. Was he charged with a crime? I am sure you have followed up on the story. Damn, are you losing sleep over this shit? Get a life, crazy. His behavior was inappropriate, but just seemed staged to me. You would have a problem if the dude was black I am sure. Nutcase, you are a straight up crazy sick bitch. wish it would be that easy to just slap me, bitch. You are crazy but not that crazy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant wouldn't

Anonymous said...

How is saying that it seemed staged encouraging this type of behavior? O_0 It's called an opinion. Issues!

Anonymous said...


I don't get you. What did a black baby do to you for you to be so relentless with your hate for black babies & your continuous obsession with protecting white peoples honor?

You are a SLAVE. You belong on a PLANTATION.

As A black woman,You don't correct me by bashing a
black baby, shit for brains!! your logic is mindnumbing.

"Jaymoose"? is that supposed to hurt my feelings? schizophrenia, still listening to those voices in your head I guess..

Anonymous said...

What could any child regardless of race could have done to you for you to hate them so much? Children are children, psycho. They are all innocent. Don't you dare take offense in my calling that petri dish creation out of her name when you go after any other chldren, especially MJs without regard. Can't take it, don't dish it. What the fuck are you talking about ....obsession with protecting white people's honor? It's not that deep stupid. Simply my calling names back in forth with you regarding our faves. You speak ill of MJ3, I will speak ill of Blucifer. Simple as that.
Logic is mindnumbing? You are truly dense. Not trying to correct you, simpleton. Revealing your hypocrisy. You want to speak ill of ther kids, etc but have the nerve to take offense when someone speak about bey or "her" kid. How is that logical? You can bash MJ3, but no one need not say a thing about blucifer or beyaphomet. Jaymoose is the kid's father right? Was it bey's egg alone that got the child here? Think not. So yeah....jaymoose is mentioned. Biologically that is how it works remember?

Anonymous said...


Just admit it. You encourage inappropriate touching of black women by a white inbreds cause they are white so they are always innocent in your eyes.. You'd have a cow if someone did this to a female inbred

If a man is brave enough to touch a woman like that, who cares if he dies. he should have thought about that before he touched her uncletomicina.

Its getting late, I'm sure you have an inbreds balls to suck at your house. uncletomicina. maybe yall call watch a ROOTS marathon pop some popcorn & laugh all all the abuse whitely inflicted on blacks with your inbredfriends.

You can be the housenigger & your inbred friends can beat you with their belts.. I'm sure you would enjoy every moment of it.

Anonymous said...

Comprehension is not your strong point at all or you just want to twist things around to fit your perspective. Not black babies. Not any baby to be honest. That would make me as sick and crazy as you are. Only done in retaliation to you calling these kids names. Just to be clear.

Anonymous said...

I tell you. You stans are indeed certificable. The man deserves to die for touching her? Yeah....ok. SMH. You are truly disturbed. Making absurd and wild assumptions about someone you dont know to fit your demented world.
Don't forget to pray to your god before turning in. Seing that she is your savior and all I am sure you will.

Anonymous said...


"can't take it don't dish it" ? You are talking about your own race, imbecile. Are you even aware of your ASININEstatement??

There is no hope for you. You are a FOOL, uplifing whitey, degrading a black baby to try to make your point. YOU are a black woman shit for brains. You are not the brightest crayon in the box with you ass backwards logic of bashing a black baby because you want to protect white peoples honor.

White people don't care about you. They don't even believe black people are human dummy. But keep licking their asses maybe it will pay off one day.

Anonymous said...


Don't TWIST my words to defend what that disgusting inbred did to Bey. i know you love white people. But you doing a little too much ass kissing.

If a man has nerve to touch a woman ass. He should be brave enough to face the consequences. I remember i wanted to brake this guys fingers for doing it to me in my place of employment.

You obviously have never been violated by a male. Or you simply believe every black woman should welcome being assaulted by white men.

i guess thast why you love playing slave master plantation games with you inbred friends. Do you also let them RAPE you to & except it because they are white?

I will surely pray to my Lord Jesus Christ before I turn in. NO Human being is my God.

Don't forget to pray to your white devil before you turn in. I know you love him so. You'd be lost without him.

Anonymous said...

10:22 I am very well aware of what I am saying. I am a fan of MJs, so I speak up for him and his just as you do for bey and blucifer. You just have a problem with someone coming for your fave. You stans speak ill about any and every one else, but get offended when she is spoken against. Like it is against the law or something. You are degrading kids simply because of the color of their skin. How's that logical or right. You are no better than the inbreds you speak against. Only a resonable person would understand that though and that clearly isn't you. Bey doesn't give a hot damn about you. I am not looking for validation from anyone. Just being fair about it and caling you on your hypocrisy. Perhaps if you keep kissing bey's ass it may pay off for you.
I have written several times, I don't bash any children. For goodness sake, they are just kids. But, when you came for MJ3, I came for blue. Oh now it is a problem. Bashing a kid to make a point is luncay isn't it? However, you can do it but I can't.I see. Color shouldn't make a difference but in what is left of your mind I guess it does. You probably need to leave the cave you dwell in. A friend of mine married recently to what you call an inbred. Guess he doesn't see her as human. As an African American female, I know all to well that racists still dwell amongst us. However, I have been taught we are better than that and won't stoop to their level. Perhaps a lesson you should learn.

Anonymous said...

10:38 Your responses are so illogical and just downright crazy. You make no sense. bey is clearly your god.

Anonymous said...

If a man is brave enough to touch a woman like that, who cares if he dies. Your comment at 10:03. Twisted your words, huh? Yeah....right. Nutcase

Anonymous said...


Don't you have a plantation gang rape to attend? your inbred friends are waiting to play overseer And housenigge with you! Happy Rape housenigger!

Anonymous said...


Do you know who God is, didn't you parents teach you anything besides how to suck whitey balls? They should have took you selfhating ass to church.

Humans are not God housenigger. so stop sucking whitey balls, they can't save your soul. they are DEVILS sent by SATAN..

Anonymous said...

11:08 Obviously, you don't have a clue as to who God is at least not the one I am familiar with. God is certainly not about hate. What makes you different than a so called God fearing Klansman? Just your race other than that you are the same. If you went to chuch you didn't learn anything. If you did you would not speak ill of others regardless of race. Plain and simple. You are so incredibly stupid. Your comments show how truly disturbed you are. Humans are not God housenigger? WTH? SMH. Trust me you have no idea of who you are speaking with.
Bey cannot save you, sick woman. She is a mere mortal. She is on the dark side. She worships satan. You can only respond with nonsense when you have nothing logical to say. Your comment at 11:02 wasn't worth reading. Completely insane.

Anonymous said...

Caught you in a lie at 10:49. Guess displaying your craziness is your best response. LOL!

Anonymous said...


You are truely convinced bey is a God. you keep referring to her as a God .. You obviously believe it,or else you wouldn't continue to say it. The white devil has twisted your brain, whitey is playing games with you, Hes taunting you.

Go to church & learn about the Lord. & stop referring to humans as God uncletomicina.

I don't hate anybody. i just speak the truth about white devils. Are you finished being RAPED yet? I know you need to feel wanted by white men since you believe black women need to be slapped on the ass by them.

Just because you hate bey you can't accuse her of worshipping satan, she worships God. you uncletomicina.

Anonymous said...

Perhpas you should attend church and get prayer. The depth of your delusion is disturbing. You keep trying to twist things around to fit your bizarre perspective. I get a kick out of messing your crazy ass from time to time, but seriously something is definitely wrong with you. You make light of a subject such as rape but you think this white guy should die because he dared to touched beys buttpads.If she had taken it that seriously he would have been removed from the show. Like I said, if he were black I don't think you will have an issue with it. You spew hatred towards a race of people and stereotype them much like they do us. Then you have the audacity to mention the Lord's name. I asked what makes you different from a so called God fearing klansman? I guess my answer was right. You dont hate anyone but you call others white devils. Yeah...that makes sense. You are no better than those white devils. You are just as hateful as they are. I don't know bey to hate her. Don't check for her just as you don't know Paris to hate her. Im not accusing bey of devil worship. She shows it blatantly. Just stating the obvious. Unlike you, I don't treat or see MERE mortals as God. However, you act as though she is some form of diety. She is your god apparently.You were ready to spit in my face about this fraud remember? Like I said, stans are certifiable. Just read the first small paragraph of your reply.....SMH. Just. Plain. Crazy. "He's taunting you....." Seriously, you have no idea how totally insane you sound. You are in need of a mental evaluation and definitely in need of prayer. Stay away from witchcraft.

Anonymous said... bey's baphomet ring. You will see who she worships.

Anonymous said...


I believe in God.uncletomicina.

If you go to church you will learn about him. You have become very confused & absent minded on the subject.

"You have the audacity to mention gods name" There is no "audacity" in mentioning the Lords name. I believe in him, he is my Lord. Just because i believe whitey is the devil does not mean I don't love the Lord, uncletomicina.

There are no saints in this world. Do you think only righteous people can speak of the Lord. God is Love. All his people can speak of him. Not just some people. You are so uninformed & slow.

white devils are REAL. KKK killed blacks for 400 years STUPID. I haven't killed anybody.

Witchcraft is your forte. You speak of worshipping humans beings, witchcraft hocus pocus sacrificing Toothfairy Santa clause. All this White man made garbage.schizophrenia.

"Unlike you, I don't treat or see Mere mortals as God"?.Those schizophrenia voices in your head are over powering your thought process. So you have decided to keep badgering me with your NONSENSE idea that Bey is a my God to try to make me angry huh. AIN"T gonna work.

If the voices in your head are telling you Beyonce is a GOD. It has nothing to do with me.

"You make light of a subject such as rape"? You are the one who believes its ok for a whitey inbred to assault a black woman by randomly slapping her ass. I just assumed you'd love to be raped by one. seeing as though you believe all inbred men are INNOCENT & should be able to do as they please.

So what makes bey a devil?
Because she performs on stage
sings on stage
has perfect timing on stage
has the most amazing STAGE PRESENCE
travels all over the world
Is filthy RICH
smart enough not to be POOR
has a blond weave
has light skin
Is annoyed by Kelly Rowland
sells out concerts all over the world
has a black husband
has a black baby
is not original with all her performances
had a surrogate
been performing since the age of 9
kicked 2 girls out of her group
loves her nephew
got mad at her dad for cheating on her mom.
won't actknowledge her fathers baby Nixon
never responds to celebrities that start beef with her
never has public feuds with anybody
shakes her money maker
has never dated a white man
has never held a white baby
is not very articulate
doesn't have any girlfriends
was forced to be friends with Gwyeneth
doesn't chase men in hollywood
is not on drugs
is not a raging drunk
gains weight from time to time
wears boodie pads
likes to be the center of attention
is very shy in reality
reminds me of creole girls I grew up with here in Houston
speaks just like a lot women here in Houston
etc etc...

Are these the reasons Bey is a devil?

Oh I forgot to ask you. How did you & your inbred friends enjoy playing overseer & housenigger slave last night? Did you enjoy being the slave? How many inbreds did you let rape you? I bet you felt all TINGLEY inside & slept like a baby UNCLTOMICIA,


Anonymous said...

12:16 Yeah, you are sick indeed. Just. plain.crazy. You have no comprehension skills at all. I scanned over your list. So, it would be wrong if bey held a white baby? Do you think she has never played with or held the child of her alleged BFF? 0_o If so, I guess that would make her a coon, huh? What is wrong with white kids? Claiming you know the Lord, but hate white kids/people? In Him there is no such thing. He knows no respect of persons. So, who are we to be the opposite of that? If you claim you know the Lord as you say, then you certainly know where I am coming from. You are familiar with "Be not fooled God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap". You smile at someone losing their job of which you admitted to playing a part in making that happen. If that is true, dont be surprised when you are given a pink slip.
You just assumed I would want to be raped by a white man based on bey getting her buttpads touched? Seriously? Crazy as hell. SMH. Did she have him arrested? Was he removed from her show? Well, apparently she did not see as a big deal either. From what I hear, she checked him and kept it moving. Your crazy ass feels he deserved the death penalty. Who the hell mentioned the tooth fairy, or santa claus... You have lost it. Im just scanning your reply which I do because most of it is the usual random nonsense. What is with the listing of bey? I just said google the baphomet ring. Nothing more. Personally, her worshipping the devil is not my concern. It is her choice. She can do what thou wilst. The KKK thing....*sigh* Comprehension. DID NOT say or imply you killed anyone. Just stating the fact that you are no diffenent than these clowns with your hatred. You can of course speak of the Lord old simple one. I am just saying based on your comments you do not have the love of God in your heart. I am willing to safely assume you were the one who posted on RWS that Paris should have died. If so, you honestly don't see anything wrong with that? You only have a problem with my saying things about blu because she is allegedly bey's child. That is the only reason. My coming for her after you say thing about MJs kids means, according to your bizarre logic, that now I hate all black babies. You are completly foolish. No sense whatsoever! Just. Plain. Crazy.
You can only respond with nonsense.

I said you have the audacity, the nerve, to mention the Lord's name because of your obvious hatred towards others. That makes you no different than a so called God fearing klansman/racist.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of this little attention whoring asshat, next time bitch use a gun and put it to your temple, that way you can't fuck it up.

Anonymous said...


"what is with the listing of bey?" i listed those facts about bey because you keep referring to her as a devil worshipper . i can't see anything in those facts good or bad, that warrant her a devil worshipper.

You keep talking about Gweneth. They are not real friends, definately not BFF's. Bey was forced into friendship with her by jay. They are never together STUPID!

"death penalty"? again schizophrena, i said if a man is brave enough to assault a woman he should suffer the consequences, whatever they may be. In other words,keep your damn hands to yourself!

according to DANISH news, the man was removed...

"who in the hell mentioned the tooth fairy or santa clause..You keep talking about witchcraft, bey being a God & all this other imaginary inbred dialect, I just assumed you believe it that to.

"based on your comments you do not have the love of God in your heart"? I guess as a black woman, hating black babies & bashing ONLY black celebrities proves your love for the God. Not to mention all your continuious name callling.

Whats so Godly about all your name calling?.

"don't be surprised when you are given a pink slip" I won't be getting a pink slip. I've been on my job for 23 years.Since 1990. I'm not going anywhere..I'm 48 & I look 35. My job keeps me young.

So as a black woman you compare my Gossip jacker comments to 500 plus years of black people being tortured & hung by the KKK. You really don't take the KKK crimes against blacks to mean very much do you??

RWS? I don't go the the RWS website.

Anonymous said...

Why do ya'll keep entertaining the comments of this old bitch? It's obviously a cry for attention. Attention that she's not getting in real life. How are you 48 and spewing that type of ignorance? She probably lives vicariously through Bey, putting on her concerts, blond wigs and leotards trying to keep up with her routines LOL Her only comeback is you're an uncle tom who wants to be raped. Bitch you are super stupid. You cannot possibly love the Lord and have that much hatred in your heart, and for children nonetheless. My grandfather was/is a member of the Black Panther Party, so my whole life I've been instilled with Black Pride. That doesn't mean I can't call bullshit when I see it, and the smell is coming from your direction. You can reply, but I won't respond seeing as my mother always told me never to argue with crazy people and old folks. You fit the bill for both LOL Wishing you Love, Light and Blessings :-)

Anonymous said...

2:22 That listing shows what a stan you are. Cool. Whatever floats your boat. You still didn't google the baphomet ring did you? They are not real friends? She was FORCED into a friendship with Goopy? LOL!!!! Yeah, she was forced...sure. Dumbass, I don't know if they are ever together or not. Just saw photos once or twice and the comments about her and goopy being friends. Not serious to me. I mentioned witchcraft once. Once. And you are saying I keep mentioning it. Nuts. SMH. What is so godly about your name calling? The only difference is you crazy self is serious. I'm not. Don't be so sure and cocky about keeping that job. You don't know what the future holds. You are just as expendable. The Word stands however. You reap what you sow.

So as a black woman you compare my Gossip jacker comments to 500 plus years of black people being tortured & hung by the KKK. You really don't take the KKK crimes against blacks to mean very much do you??0_o
Moron. The comparison of you (based on your comments) to other racists is that there is one thing you all have in common. That is hatred. You are both racists. now, I just bash black celebrities (plural) and black babies. Wrong again crazy. I don't care for celebs enough to bash them to be honest. You just cannot compehend that I only go after bey when you come after MJ. Something so simple yet so hard for you to understnd. Not that serious. You have a real problem with anyone going after bey. At 48, you are very immature for your age. According to your bizarre logic, I guess even MLK was wrong too especially when he said in his "I have a dream speech" that "one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black
girls will be able to join hands with litle white boyis and
white girls as sisters and brothers".Guess he didn't get the memo of his being an uncle tom and how wrong he was to even say such things.
Perhaps you should let the King family know of this knowledge that apparently MLK was unaware of. *end of sarcasm*

Anonymous said...


Slavery is not coming back so stop dreaming & hoping. I know you self hating coons wanna be slaves but thats the pass. You missed it. Theres places you can go to live out your dreams though, like a KKK rally. Maybe they can forfill some of your fantasies.

Coming on this site and ATTACKING me isn't gonna help you bond with whitey.

Boy,You think 48 is old. you are really SLOW if you believe that.

you uncletomicinas take your uncletoming very seriously.. You are in SERIOUS ATTACK mode over these inbreds.

" Black Panther Party" ?what kind of black panther party teaches black people to attack other blacks for loving our race?

Do you hate black babies to?

bey really affects you coons, uncle toms/tomicinas. You]re about to break a blood vessel because i like her.

your generation is LOST. You don't have any blackPRIDE. I bet you have a half breed baby cause you don't want a black baby huh?

You dumb BUNNYS can't force everybody to follow whitey. Some of us have out own brains & we don't need whitey to think for usl.

Bey is a human being with feelings. She counts. You can't expect the world to revolve around whitey inbreds...

Why am i a bitch. because i don't hate black babies & bash all the black celebrities like your generation does? You SLAVES have whole websites designed to ridicule black women, MTO ring a bell?. Your own race. What a shame to have such self hate..

If i start to bash only black celebrities, uplift,sympathize and cry over the whitey inbreds will I be considered normal?

Your generation PRIDES yourself with SELFHATE. You hate your race & you live to kiss inbred ass.

When you get older you will realize, the white devil hates you. So all your whitey ball licking is not gonna get you anywhere in this world.

Remember what i told you.

INCIDENTALLY. if you read with understanding. You will notice that theres only 2 of us blogging on this subject back & forth . Me & the uncletomicina.Her alter ego is RETARDinbred

She always blogs with me. She likes me. Thats why she keeps responding to my comments.

Anonymous said...


theres only me & the uncletomicina blogging back and forth. you don't know what going on. So mind your own damn business TROLL.

Anonymous said...

You a lost one boo, 5:03 got in ya head lol!!! They straight up clowned ya old ass lol!!! Newsflash boo boo 48 IS old lol!!! Get ya walker, head on down to the senior center and do something constructive with ya time. God don't like ugly Celie lol!!!

Anonymous said...

This thread got derailed really quick. How did Beyonce get dragged into this?????

Anonymous said...

@2:36 some old hoe that's not making no type of sense/valid points and/or arguments and wants to be her keeps bringing her up. Not sure why tho...

Anonymous said...

^^^ thx lmbao

Anonymous said...


5:03 didn't do anything but disparage my age. Her points were not clever & very dry. Too much ATTACK for no reason but my age.

uncletomicina is the only commenter on this blog that can post a opinion worth reading, even though shes an absent minded schitzophrenia...

Usually 48 year olds don't require walkers unless we have acute health problems or are severely obese.. i can do anything a 25 year old can do except take a really hard fall. When you get older falliing on the concrete is more serious as you age, than when a person is younger. My ORGANS are just older. & I've just lived longer & experienced more of life

All & all I'm pretty youthful at heart & appearance wise.

"do something with my life"? this blog is not the only thing I do. The internet can be very addictive. Lots of people blog. But its not that time consuming. It only takes a few minutes to comment on a blog.

One of my favorite things to do is, I go to this club where the only music played consists of 70 & 80s music & we do ALL the dances from that era. They also have the dance roller skate dance competitions.. Takes me back Cause the music of today sucks even though I love beyonce.

You people seem to believe you always have the upper hand & the ability to win an arguement simply because your opponent is over the age of 30. Being young doesn't make you special. You may be cute,but not special.

Anonymous said...


Beyonce got dragged into this because of me.

On The subject of the lab rat. Theres nothing more to add. everything that can be said has been said.

Usually the posts on this site consist of 10 or less comments. You notice were over 70comments.

Anonymous said...

Girl bye, don't nobody give a fuck about what you like to do lol!!! Go kick rocks with ya geriatric ass lol!!! While you're @ it, eat a dick up til you hiccup

Anonymous said...


"don't nobody give a fuck about what you like to do lol!? that comment was only IN response to 2:29 saying i don't have a life.

If you don't give a fuck about my geriatric ass, why are you here so early to NOT give a fuck about me?

You people are not very wise
Due to my irrelevance because of my age. you don'tKEEP ignoring my comments by continuing to post comments. Hense 70plus comments. There is no one on this blog that can muster this many comment besides ME.

Just keep ignoring me by continuously posting comments EINSTEIN! Must be Something about me you like. You keep coming back.

if you were smart you would not keep responding to me.

Anonymous said...


When the uncle tomicina stops responding to my comments I will stop posting comments on this site. Until then, I'm here to stay.

She usually posts these very loooooong run on paragraphs. & her anon comments are very easy for me spot. Shes very intelligence. despite the fact that she hates black children. Its just because shes too brainwashed by whitey & absent minded.

Her last comment on here was june 8, 5:44 PM.

Uncletomicina is the only reason i even come to GOSSIP JACKER. I like to read her schitzophrenic whitewashed selfhating babble. & go at it with her. The rest of you light weights are to way TOO BORING!.

Anonymous said...

Ya decrepit ass still here? lol!!! Wow grandma really don't have no life. I'm gone stop fucking with you because I know ya old ass aint long for this world. I don't want your stroke on my conscience lol!!! It has been fun tho. Truthfully I only skim your posts cuz you dont be making no sense, just repeating stupid shit. I doubt anyone generally likes you and you'll probably die alone, no one finding your body for weeks, months even. You should let some of that hate in your heart go, maybe you wouldnt be as ugly in the inside as I'm sure ya elderly as is outside. Dont make gossip jacker ya life, get out and play some bingo or shuffleboard lol!!!

Anonymous said...


ya old as ain't long for this world"? do you know something i don't? Cause i feel fine. I make complete SENSE. its just that you uncletomicinas & coons don't wanna face reality. You just want the white man to lead you.

Hallie berry, J LO, janet jackson, gabrielle Union are my age. & Robin Givens my favorite celebrity is a year older than me. Are they geriatric to? Young people think anybody over 30 is old.

"I doubt anyone generally likes you and you'll probably die alone" Are you trying to make me cry or commit suicide. That weak dialect usually works on whitey INBREDS. I'm black remember.

i'm no where near a stroke I'm very healthy. seeing as though my diet consist of mainly organic food & i basically use all natural products herbs & grains, including all natural deoderant & soap.Calcium magnesium vitamin d3. vitamin E,.Nopalea Noni Gogi acai berry juice .fish oil.

No frucose corn syrup hydronated oils dextros no nitrates, perservatives pork , no white or wheat flour, no red meat, no cancer causing fake substitute sugar, Cow milk. Only coconut,silk or almond milk. Kashi products lentils, tyson chicken,black beans, kale, rice flour, egg plant sardines, rice chips greek yogurt. NO WHITE FOODs. anything WHITE IS BAD for you cause its bleached and unnatural.

I'll tell you a cancer preventing product Natural LEMON GRASS.

No canned foods. no WHEAT, no fast food. only subway on honey oat bread or INDIAN food. Organic vegetables grown in my yard with no pesticides. NO FLOURIDE PRODUCTS. FLOURIDE is lethal etc etc etc...Only drink OSARK distilled bottled water, the other brands are not natural & have unnesessary unknown minerals in them

I'm very health conscious & you aren't capable nor have the ability to give me a stroke.

"no one finding your body for weeks"? you been watching too much NETFLEX.

"get out and play some bingo or shuffleboard lol"? is that supposed to hurt my feelings? You gotta do better that that. Its gonna take a lot more than lame geriatric jokes to hurt me.. I'm proud of my age. Theres nothing wrong with being 48. Its not old.

All this because you feel the need to protect whitey inbreds honor? I don't care how angry you get. White people are the DEVIL & they will always be the DEVIL. & Theres nothing you can do about it.

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