Monday, July 22, 2013

DJ Files Police Report in Justin Bieber Spitting Incident

An Ohio DJ filed a police report claiming Justin Bieber spit in his face at a night club.
The DJ who claims Justin Bieber spit in his face inside of a nightclub in Ohio last week has hired a lawyer and filed a police report against the singer.
The man behind the allegation, Addison Ulhaq, told police trouble began on July 13 when JB's security team thought he was taking pictures of the star.
Ulhaq, who's a junior at Ohio State University and a neuroscience major when he's not DJ'ing on the side, says he didn't snap ANY Justin Bieber pics.
JB didn't buy it, threatened his life and spit in his face, he claims.
The police report alleges that the victim, Addison, "stated that the suspect told him that 'His mother was a bitch, his father was a bitch and he is a bitch.'"
Addison's lawyers say Bieber's oral assault left saliva and mucus in Addison's eye, nose, and mouth ... and that he got tested for Hepatitis as a result.
The test was negative, but still ... rank.
The victim, according to the police report, also "stated that he does not want anything done at this time and just wants to document the incident."
It's unclear why the college student wished to document it unless he planned to file a lawsuit, which it certainly definitely looks like he will at this point.
No charges have been filed ... yet.
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