Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Families Don't Approve of Ross Simpson Romance

Neither Ashlee Simposon nor Evan Ross' family approve of their budding romance.

ASHLEE Simpson has fallen hard and fast for her new boyfriend Evan Ross — but her family and his mom are trying to pry them apart.
According to American tabloid theNational Enquirer, Ashlee’s parents think 24-year-old Evan — whose mom is Diana Ross — is too much of a partier for single mom Ashlee.
Meanwhile, Diana believes Ashlee, 28, has far too much baggage for her boy.
“Ashlee is head over heels for this guy,” said a source. “They’ve barely been apart since their first date. “Evan has definitely earned his reputation as a partier. He’s young, rich, loves the attention he gets from dating celebrities, and has no interest in settling down.”
Ashlee divorced Fall Out Boy rockerPete Wentz in 2011 after three years of marriage, and they share a 4-year-old son, Bronx.
“Evan is the worst possible choice for someone with a kid who is looking for a serious boyfriend,” the source pointed out.
“Her friends and family are warning her not to get in too deep.
“Plain and simple, Diana doesn’t approve of Ashlee because of her screwy family and wild-child reputation. “She thinks Evan should date someone with less baggage.
“Diana told Evan she likes Ashlee well enough, just not for him and definitely not as a future daughter-in-law.”
Diana, 69, who had a love child with Motown Records honcho Berry Gordy, “seems to have forgotten her own past,” continued the source. “But Evan throws it in her face every time she slams Ashlee, which is often.
“Ashlee and Evan know their families want the best for them, but they don’t appreciate the meddling. They’re adults and they’re going to do what they want. For now, that means be¬ing together.”
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this sounds like a great reality tv show

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Oh course not, Evan is gay like Ashlee's father. Oh no a tornando is coming!!

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