Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fears Grow for Out of Control Rihanna

Rihanna's increasingly erratic behavior is beginning to worry those around her.

FEARS are growing for Rihanna after she appeared to be drunkenly stumbling around at a concert.
The singer, 25, was watching Kings of Leon at a festival when she was filmed looking unsteady on her feet. The Bajan beauty could be seen weaving from left to right and nearly slumping forward several times as she passed in front of the stage in Gdynia, Poland.
Eventually she was steadied by one of her minders after narrowly avoiding a tumble over a box that lay in the way.
The footage comes after the star was recently filmed violently lashing out at a fan who grabbed her microphone at a gig.
And fans were left fuming after she turned up two hours late to a concert after partying until 3am the following night.
After the clip of her most recent antics was posted online, one fan wrote: “She can end like Whitney Houston.”
Jacked from The Sun


Operation: BeastMode said...

Those who are "around her" are complicit in her behavior .. they won't give a fuck til shes dead

nba is fixed said...

Honestly, if Rihanna dies, I will not lose any sleep!

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