Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Justin Bieber Snubs Downs Syndrome Fan

Justin Bieber disappointed a Downs Syndrome fan who fund raised to win a meet and greet with his favorite pop star.

JUSTIN Bieber is a bad man!
On Friday night, the Baby singer reportedly snubbed a fan with Down Syndrome.
Jared Bedard of Newburyport, Massachusetts, spent the past few months fundraising for Cure AT/RT, a child’s cancer charity, by singing at local restaurants and on the streets of his home town. He raised over $7,000 and was driven by the knowledge that if he raised enough money, he’d win a meet-and-greet with Justin Bieber, who’s made CURE/ART a personal cause after Belieber Avalanna Routh died from the disease last year.
Jared and his mom Karen were thrilled at the chance to meet his idol — but, apparently, Bieber barely interacted with Jared and failed to acknowledge his efforts.
“I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting that,” his mom, Karen, tells RadarOnline. “Personally, a meet and greet, I was expecting to really meet him, like maybe 20 people, tops. But they were doing photos in groups of 5, all screaming girls, in and out. It was just crazy.
“Jared told me that Justin said ‘What’s up man’ to him, but that was it.
“I was just thinking Justin would talk to him a minute alone. Not like an hour or something, just even a minute. Maybe shaking his hand and saying, ‘Congratulations buddy!’ I tried to say, ‘This is Jared. He won, he raised money to fight childhood cancer,’ but it was too loud and Justin didn’t hear me.
“I know there were a lot of people there who had paid for the meet and greet, but it was a huge thing for Jared. It was a huge undertaking for him to raise the money to meet him. I just don’t know any more.
“I think his publicists probably just told him to just show up and pose for a few pictures and be done. He probably didn’t know.
“We had the most awesome seats, second row. It was still awesome. Yeah, it’s disappointing, but it was a great cause to work for and it was something that we enjoyed doing. Jared had a blast doing it. He’s the real rockstar around here.”
Jacked from Showbiz Spy


Anonymous said...

Your kidding right?! You are mad because he didn't engage as much as you would like with your son. Bish please

Anonymous said...

You child did a great thing raising money. Most people just seat on their azz all day and post nasty comments online or play video games.

The King Of The Real said...

thirsty ass whiners.

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