Monday, July 15, 2013

Kanye Refusing to Speak of Kris Jenner Over Baby Pics

Kanye West is absolutely livid with Kris Jenner for showing a picture of his daughter North West to the Today Show's Matt Lauer.

KANYE West is not happy!
The rapper has been left furious after his mother-in-law, showed TODAY anchor Matt Lauer a photograph of his daughter North West.
Kanye has been hating on Matt since a 2010 “brutal” interview during which producers showed a clip of former President George W. Bush sharing his pain at West calling him a racist for his response to Hurricane Katrina.
“Kanye became absolutely apoplectic with anger because he hates Matt,” a source said.
“He felt extremely disrespected and insulted by Matt and the direction the interview took in 2010…He was outraged and disgusted that Kris showed Matt a picture of Nori and he is now refusing to speak to her.
“After Kris’ interview was finished, Kim called her mother, at Kanye’s direction, telling her not to show any pictures she had of Nori to anyone. Kim was freaking out because Kanye was so angry. Kris just blew her off and promised she wouldn’t.”
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Anonymous said...

I think Kanye and Kris don't get along. She knew he didn't like Matt. Kris is about money.

Anonymous said...


You are so right! And the only way that those baby pics are not sold for a big payoff, will be if Kimye releases them on tumblr or instagram. Kanye will find out that Kris will have her way so he may as well just go on and move to France and be with his boyfriend. Kanye, in Kris's mind has served his purpose.

Anonymous said...

Kanye sit your azz down!! she's the proud greedy grandma, you know she's going to show that damn baby off.

Anonymous said...

Every negative story about Kanye from the PMK camp is probably part of their image/revenue pre-emptive campaign to smear Kanye and save face because ERRRR--BODY knows he ain't marrying Kim. No different than what was done to Kris Humphries with great affect, but Kanye has the killer instinct and will be a formidable enemy so Pimp Moma better watch her back. And I am no Kanye fan.

Anonymous said...


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