Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kanye West Furious Over Kris Jenner Fake Baby Stunt

Kanye West goes ballistic after Kris Jenner used a fake baby North to attract views to her new talk show.

KRIS Jenner is playing with FIRE!
The reality TV momager riled daughter Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy Kanye West when she went public posing with a newborn “rent-a-baby” to promote her new TV show, insinuating the infant was the couple’s daughter North West. “Kanye went CRAZY,” a source said.
“He just kept ranting, ‘all Kris cares about is her damn ratings — she never stops promoting!’ Kanye swears he wants to get Kim and their baby far, far away from Kris.
“And it’s just killing Kim!
“She’s crying her eyes out, fearing she’ll ultimately have to choose between her mom and her man. “Kanye’s trying his hardest to stay cool right now because Kim just gave birth, but who knows how long that will last!”
Jacked from Show Biz Spy


Anonymous said...

thirst bucket

Anonymous said...

fuck Kanye.. he knew what they were about. I hope they send him and his chipmunk cheeks crazy as all hell.

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