Monday, July 29, 2013

Khloe Kardashian Confronts Lamar Odom's Lover

Khloe Kardashian tried to take control of her spiraling marriage by confronting husband Lamar Odom's lover at a basketball game.

Lamar Odom is rumored to have been cheating on Khloe Kardashian for years. Now that one of his (alleged) former mistresses is speaking to the press, it’s all out in the open and Khloe has to confront the fact that her man is a lying cheater. Or not. We’ve heard that Khloe kicked Lamar out of the house when she first heard about his cheating, but that she let him back in about a month ago and is determined to try and make their marriage work. Since Khloe loves Lamar and wants to believe the best of him, she’s focusing her ire on the other party. Radar has details of a confrontation Khloe had with Lamar’s mistress Jennifer at one of his games. She basically laid down the law and made the woman know she was not welcome there.
Khloe saw Jennifer in the stands of a Los Angeles Clippers NBA game in January, according to reports in In Touch and Life & Style. Khloe “lost it” a source told one of the mags.
“Khloe told her, ‘How dare you come here?’ It was like Khloe wanted to take control of her marriage. It freaked Jen out – and Lamar even more.”
Richardson was seated just a few rows behind Khloe, who “went nuts” according to Life & Style. She demanded of Jennifer: “Why are you here?”
The confrontation took place in the same month that Khloe booted Lamar into a separate bedroom, a source told Radar exclusively. And after that, the NBA player left the house for a hotel, although he is now back home part-time.
Richardson, meanwhile, isn’t going away. In fact, she’s been speaking out more and more about her relationship with Lamar, now giving video interviews, discussing their sex life, their emotional bond and even their threesome!
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Anonymous said...

Maybe they can have a threesome.

Glow said...

I understand the anger but why attack the other woman? It was her husband who allegedly had an affair.

Anonymous said...

she is ballsy to show up at the game but she is at the game cause lamar gave her azz the ticket!!

Anonymous said...

Dude has all that money and has two ugly white women fighting over him...

Khloe is far from a looker!

Anonymous said...

I hate when people say why attack the other women why fuck someone else man? Over all it not just your fault but stop tell a women that you did wrong how she should or can feel about you. The is not perfect as you should already know this when you choose to fk someone else husband. Why can't the other women and the low down man have morals, why do cheaters always expect a break for there dirty deeds?

Anonymous said...

The root cause is Lamar which requires addressing, this Jennifer is simply a symptom.

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