Monday, July 22, 2013

Kim Kardashian Bans Cell Phones Around North

In a desperate bid to keep pictures of her baby with Kanye West from leaking Kim Kardashian won't let friends or family near her daughter with their cell phones.
There was a rumor that Kim had banned hospital employees from carrying cell phoneswhile she was in labor, which we are definitely inclined to believe now that hospital staffers have been fired for hacking Kimmy’s medical records. But we’re starting to suspect that Kim has now banned friends from having their cell phones on them while they’re around baby North!
Why? Because of something Kim’s bestie La La Anthony said in a recent interview with Access Hollywood Live. After telling the show’s hosts that "I've held the baby, seen the baby, loved the baby," La La was asked about baby pictures.
"I do not have a photo," she said. "Kim took photos with her camera, so she can have photos of everyone with the baby."
Come on, if you meet your best friend’s baby, you always leave with a photo (or 40) with your phone! Sure, maybe La La is fibbing, to honor Kim’s privacy wishes. Or maybe Kim just asked La La not to take any pictures. But maybe, just maybe, cell phones are being checked at the door of North’s nursery. This one we could actually believe.
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Anonymous said...

Who cares....

Anonymous said...

@12:06pm you do

Anonymous said...

Haven't we seen this "hidden baby" stuff before?

I call bs on Kim- I don't believe she had a baby-just got fat for the cameras try to convince the public she was pregnant.

LET'S SEE THE BABY KIM! I bet we will see Prince William's kid before we see Kim's-that's because Kate is REALLY PREGNANT!

Anonymous said...

Anyone as vain as Kim would not get "fat for the cameras" LOL! She put her body through that for a reason. More fame and security of Kayne's money. They probably have a deal for the first pics of the baby.

Anonymous said...

I hope her childs hair turn nappy as fK!!

Anonymous said...


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