Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian Wonders About Baby's Skin Color

On the last episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim Kardashian wonders what shade of skin her baby will have and Scott tells her the baby will be black.

Two self absorbed people had a child together and last night on KUWTK showed their lack of knowledge when it comes to kids. Kim was sitting down with Scott discussing her upcoming delivery and she made some interesting statements, one about Kanye never holding a baby before in his “LIFE” not even Blue.
He’s never even held a baby before,” pregnant Kim sighed to Scott Disick on Sunday night’sepisode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
And the reality TV queen admitted of herself during a heart-to-heart over lunch with Scott, “Most kids I don’t like — I’ve gotta be honest.”
Still, Kim was optimistic about parenthood with her musician boyfriend, saying, “I think Kanye will be so obsessed and so into it.”
And Kim, with Scott helping her, bizarrely sent a picture of a baby stroller to Kanye to see if he would like the color of the stroller. Kanye has been the invisible man on this season’s KUWTK–sometimes mentioned, and once heard over the phone, but never yet seen on-camera. The rapper has said he won’t be appearing on KUWTK.
“I want to see what skin tone my child is before –” Kim said.
“The kid’s going to be black,” Scott said.
Kim replied about the stroller, “It’ll be a variation of a skin tone, so I’m just trying to see what color will look good.”
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Unknown said...

She wants to match the baby's skine tone to the stroller. This chik is so ofucking stupid. You're white Kim, the baby will be a fair skinned black child.

The End.

Anonymous said...

She's an dumb hoe...just open your legs and get splashed in for the next baby daddy.

That kid already wants to run away from home and can't even walk.

Anonymous said...

"What color will look good"?

How can I block any and all things Kim Kardashian from the internet?

Anonymous said...

How about.....this ain't gossip? If I wanted to know about that show, I would watch it, ya savings.

Anonymous said...

Scumbag......wth @ savings!

Anonymous said...

Matching a stroller to skin tone.....I'm so done.

Anonymous said...

Kim im so tired of you and your damn mom. And I cant stand scott. I been stop watching that damn show years ago. smh

Anonymous said...

To be on a "reality show" these two twats live no where near reality. Two wastes of skin.

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