Monday, July 8, 2013

Lady Gaga Fighting to Keep Court Case Sealed

Lady Gaga is fighting to keep embarrassing details from a lawsuit from ever becoming public.
Lady Gaga is so afraid of what is being said in a lawsuit involving two of the people who discovered her, that she's filed legal docs to try and keep certain information from EVER seeing the light of day.
Former Gaga collaborator and close friend Wendy Starland sued Gaga's former BF/producer Rob Fusari in 2010, claiming Fusari screwed her out of revenues she felt she was owed for her role in discovering Gaga.
Earlier this week, Gaga filed docs pleading with the court to seal certain information in the Starland/Fusari case. She claims the info is "sensitive, private, and personal."
Gaga claims that if the info went public, it would "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her. She also says that she and Fusari are legally bound to keep the information private as part of a non-disparagement agreement between the two.
A judge has yet to rule.
Jacked from TMZ


nba is fixed said...

I wonder if Stefani Germanotta made insulting statements towards the jewish community the same way Paula Deen did?

JazzyPudding said...

Hmmm. I wonder if what she doesn't want to get out is the that she used to be or is a hermaphordite. (spelling) That rumor was hot and heavy before she was really hot. There was also a video (since been taken down) where her little penis fell out while she was on a motorcycle onstage. I saw the video. Can't be sure if it was a penis or not, but the rumors are REAL

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