Thursday, July 18, 2013

LoLo Jones Knocks Out Girl in a Bar Fight

U.S. track star LoLo Jones is accused of knocking out the stepdaughter of former U.S. Bobsled coach Tony Carlino in a bar fight.
Say it ain't so, Lolo.
U.S. track star Lolo Jones, and Aja Evans, were involved in a fight at a bar in Lake Placid, N.Y. last Friday night with the stepdaughter of a U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation Hall of Famer, according to a report from
Jones, who is attempting to make the 2014 Olympics in bobsled -- having already earned a world championship gold medal -- is training in upstate New York with the U.S. team in preparation for an Olympic tuneup later this month.
A source told the website that the incident occurred after 1 a.m. at Roomers Night Club, though the reason for the fight is unclear. Jones is reported to have punched the stepdaughter of Tony Carlino, the former head of Team USA, who currently runs the Lake Placid track.
Jones raised eyebrows in the bobsledding community when she put a video on Vine complaining about the little money she received for a full season in the winter sport.
Former Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken mentioned the scuffle on Monday on her Fox Sports radio show, noting that Jones "knocked out" Carlino's stepdaughter.
Van Dyke also said that federation officials gathered and athletes and told them not to discuss the incident publicly. It is believed they are trying to keep it quiet because of the attention Jones brings to the sport.
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Anonymous said...

the chick prob hit on lolo's girlfriend and she got mad and retaliated.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Lolo is gay-maybe the girl hit on her and Lolo punched her lights out.

ThatBKChick said...

They ran her ass out of the track and field arena, so now she's over in Bobsledding still causing drama. She should go back to modeling for sports or something, because a true athlete does it for the love of sport, and if you get a few bones along the way, and model yourself in good character, you will get endorsements regardless (as she did in track and field). That is why no one took her seriously in track and field, she was all about the fame and money....SMDH! I never really liked this chick.

Is this the chick who said she is still a virgin?

Anonymous said...

Lolo is one desperate and entitled bitch. She is still salty because she was unable to win an olympic medal in the 2012 summer olympics.

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