Thursday, July 18, 2013

Married Oasis Front man Liam Gallagher Fathers Secret Love Child

Liam Gallagher's secret love child with a New York music journalist revealed.

Liam Gallagher 'is sued for millions by music writer who accuses him of fathering a secret love child with her'
• New York paper says woman claims she had daughter less than a year ago
• Alleged she'd consider DNA tests and wants Gallagher to pay paternity costs
• Gallagher, 40, married Nicole Appleton in 2008 and has three children
• 'We are not going to comment on gossip,' singer's spokesman said
Liam Gallagher was named yesterday as the rock star allegedly being sued for millions for fathering a love child.
The former Oasis frontman faces claims from music journalist Liza Ghorbani, 39, who says she gave birth to his baby, a girl, according to reports in the US.
Miss Ghorbani, who was named by the New York Post and New York Daily News, interviewed Gallagher for a column called ‘A Night Out With...’ in which reporters spend the evening with a celebrity.
In the article, published in 2010, Gallagher and Ghorbani went to New York’s Ritz-Carlton bar and a private club.
She has now hired ‘the best divorce lawyer in New York’ to handle her claim.
Newspapers reported earlier this week that a British rock star was seeking to keep a US love child secret over fears that his wife would leave him. The reports, which did not name the singer, said the child’s mother was demanding £2million from him as well as child support.
Millionaire Gallagher, 40, is married to All Saints singer Nicole Appleton. There was no public reaction from Miss Appleton, his second wife, while Gallagher’s spokesman refused to comment on ‘gossip’.
He added that ‘legal action’ was being taken against the New York Post, which named Gallagher as the father of the love child.
Gallagher has instructed London law firm Harbottle & Lewis. They sent warning letters to newspapers making inquiries about the singer’s reaction to the claims.
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