Thursday, July 18, 2013

Out of Control Andy Dick Terrorizes Hampton Family

A woman who met Andy Dick at a Hampton's party made a VERY BIG mistake when she tried to help him.

Hard-partying Andy Dick vowed to stay sober during his recent stint on “Dancing With the Stars.” But once the comic was eliminated, it seems all bets were off.
Dick was partying his way through the Hamptons last weekend, sources said, and even took one poor soul who tried to help him on a wild escapade.
We’re told Dick was at a bash in East Hampton Friday looking “incredibly intoxicated.” When a friend he’d arrived with disappeared, a spy saw the former “NewsRadio” star visibly “upset.”
“He didn’t know where he was staying,” our source explained. “He had no cellphone or wallet.” A woman offered to take Dick to her place — “Big mistake,” she told us, adding that on the way, Dick “grabbed the steering wheel” as she drove, and blasted her radio.
But things were about to get much worse. “When we got to the house, [Andy] told my husband he was hungry,” the good Samaritan told us. “My husband made him eggs. [But] Andy spat at me because I could not put a song he requested on my iPod quickly enough. He kept asking . . . if I was a moron.”
Then, “He grabbed my breast and said, ‘You’re so hot. I would [bleep] the [bleep] out of you!” When his advances were rebuked, openly bisexual Dick grabbed the crotch of the woman’s husband and tried to kiss him, she said.
The couple told Dick to sleep it off for a few hours. When the exasperated wife took him back to the party to see if he could find his friend, he grabbed beers from her fridge to drink on the way, despite her objections. When she dropped him off, “He asked me if he could borrow 20 bucks!” She didn’t hand over any dough. “He is a tortured soul,” she said.
Spies saw Dick the next day at Surf Lodge crashing a Beach magazine party, peeing in a bush at the swanky spot and being asked to leave.
Dick’s most recent rehab stint was last year, when the staff of “Andy Dick Live!” staged an intervention. His reps did not respond to repeated requests for comment.
Jacked from Page Six


Anonymous said...

Soooooooo you pick up a man who has proven himself to be a violent drunk at a party. Then you take him a moron. Your husband cooks him a moron. Then after he assaults BOTH of you, you tell him to sleep it morons. Yeah....even the drunken idiot had it right YOU ARE A MORON!!!

Anonymous said...

exactly...people will do anything to have a celebrity around

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