Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rihanna Asks for Free Clothes After Suing Top Shop

Rihanna continued to ask for free clothes from Top Shop even after filing a lawsuit against them for unauthorized use of her image.

Rihanna's stylists continued to ask Topshop for clothes for the star despite the fact she is suing the retailer, a court heard today.
The singer claims the printed sleeveless white top - which hit the rails in Topshop last year - may have tarnished her reputation by leading her fans to believe the garment was 'genuine' Rihanna-approved merchandise.
But the retailer's lawyers today said that - while the singer is claiming the top blighted her image - it has not stopped her entourage contacting Topshop to ask for clothes for Rihanna half a dozen times since the lawsuit was launched.
A barrister at London's High Court today claimed Rihanna's representatives had asked Topshop for products for the singer on '10 recent occasions', and said her 'shopping habits' were testament to the retailer's own considerable reputation.
Of those 10 occasions, six came after Rihanna launched proceedings against Topshop, said Geoffrey Hobbs QC.
Mr Hobbs said: 'It is not in dispute that Rihanna is a celebrity (but) the reputation of Topshop is also material to the allegation of misrepresentation.
'Rihanna's own shopping habits provide compelling evidence of Topshop's reputation in fashion wear. (There are) 10 recent occasions on which her representatives have contacted Topshop asking for products for her to wear.
'We note that six of these requests post-date this dispute,' the barrister said.
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