Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whoopie Goldberg and Barbara Walters at War

Whoopie Goldberg and Barbara Walters constantly clashing on set of The View.
A simple gossip segment turned into a royal headache for ABC’s “The View.”
On Tuesday’s show, when the panel discussed the royal baby, Whoopi Goldberg made no secret of her contempt for the hype surrounding His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s new little bundle, declaring: “I don’t care.”
But one person who did care was “View” matriarch Barbara Walters, who leaned forward across the co-host desk during the show to announce to Goldberg, “They may not care, but we’re doing an hour special tonight.”
Walters had a “20/20” special airing on ABC Tuesday night, “The Royal Baby Heir to the Throne.”
Walters then threw her hands up and said, “I would really like to talk about tonight. Whoopi will not be watching, but we hope you will, and we hope there are a lot of people who give a damn, because we’ve worked hard on this.”
At one point, Goldberg looked off set to make a face as Walters read out how much members of the royal family are worth.
A source told Confidenti@l that when Goldberg came off the air she was visibly frustrated and overheard loudly complaining “for seven minutes” about Babs’ controlling ways.
A source tells us Goldberg said, “I can’t handle it anymore. I can’t wait till she retires. I’m tired of her cutting me off.”
An animated Goldberg called Confidenti@l twice Wednesday night to deny this story. “Who the f— told you this?” she demanded.
“I don’t rant at ‘The View’ for seven minutes for any reason. That would not have come out of my mouth, especially not at ‘The View.’ I’m not stupid.” She continued, “I don’t see any reason you’d do this unless you are looking for a fight, and no one likes a fight.”
Asked if there were issues with Walters when the pair discussed the royal baby, she flatly told us: “No, honey.” Goldberg denied any tensions between the two, saying: “Dude, she hired me. It is a very good relationship.”
The is not the first report of friction between the two. In January, Howard Stern said on his SiriusXM satellite show that while he was guesting on “The View” he got the sense that the two hate each other.
“I think Whoopi can’t stand Barbara Walters. When I was doing the show, Whoopi looked like she wanted to just s— on her, but I think Whoopi can’t say it because Barbara runs the show,” Stern told his listeners. “I know she’s grateful because Barbara gave her the job ... but I can guarantee you deep down in her heart, she’s like, ‘If Barbara leaves it would be so great.’ ”
Jacked from The NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Whoopi-she will be gone soon :)

Anonymous said...

Howard Stern is not alone in his assumption. I was on disability from work for two months and watched The View every morning and I remember talking my mom on the phone who also watches and I told her Barbara is rude to the rest of the panel because she constantly interrupts them and cuts them off and I don't think neither Whoopi nor Joy liked Barbara. You could see the tension between them. Whoopi is trying to save face, she don't like Barbara Walters at all.

Anonymous said...

Truthfully, I couldn't care less about that baby and ALL his relatives.

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