Monday, August 19, 2013

Beyonce Brings Back the Hair

After impulsively cutting her hair into a cute pixie cut Beyonce returns to the stage with her extensions back in place. 

On Saturday, Beyoncé took to the stage in England to perform at the 2013 V Festival. And yes, she stepped out with her new hairdo.
The 31-year-old made huge headlines earlier in the week when she was spotted with her new hairdo in Miami, Fla. Her stylish bob -- which probably has since been copied over and over by devoted Beyoncé fans around the world -- made its debut only nine days after Bey shocked the world with her pixie cut.
Beyoncé has one more music festival to attend to -- the Made in America Music Festival in Philly -- before jetting off to Latin America for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.
The Queen will then travel to New Zealand and Australia for a string of dates before kicking off a second North American leg in Vancouver, Canada on Nov. 30.
Jacked from Celebuzz


Anonymous said...

She may have cut her hair, but she wore a pixie wig and is now wearing a bob wig. She is still a same ol' same ol', tired looking same ol'. She can't help it. Just go back to the same ol' long blonde lacefronts Beyonce. You know you want to and nobody but your stans will care. In fact, that will make them estatically happy that your real hair grew back so fast!

Anonymous said...

all that money and still not comfortable in your own skin...

Anonymous said...

Of course that hair stunt didn't work, back to the drawing board you go Beyonatta!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 11:02! They will be happy her real hair grew back so fast! Cuz she's Creole. Thanks for that!

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