Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blue Ivy Enjoys Dance Rehersal with Beyonce

Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy is already showing signs of becoming a pop superstar in her own right.
No one can resist dancing to Beyonce tunes, not even her little girl Blue Ivy. talked EXCLUSIVELY to Chris Grant, Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour Choreographer, who reveals that the little girl is already grooving along to her mom’s music at the tour’s rehearsals!
Choreographer Chris Grant is already noticing that Blue, 1 1/2, is taking after her musical parents, Beyonce and Jay Z! “She’s going to be very talented and take after one of them,” he tells EXCLUSIVELY. Chris explains that Blue Ivy is even a part of mom Beyonce’s dance rehearsals — and even participates:
Sometimes she’s in the studio. She’s enjoying what we’re doing. When you are around something so much and it’s in your parents you might end up being into too. When she comes to rehearsal she is moving her head and dancing around.
Not only does Blue enjoy watching her mom’s work, she really gives rehearsals a fun, lighter tone. Chris explains:
She really is adorable, we love when she is in rehearsal because she eases up everything.
Nothing could calm down a long day’s work like that darling face!
Jacked from Hollywood Life


Anonymous said...

This not surprising. Babies often mimic what they see their parents/siblings and others do. Don't try to pigeonhole this little girl. She may want to grow up to be a teacher, a doctor or something other than an entertainer and that is her right.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, how about a video otherwise clearly PR BS!

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