Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hollywood Drug Dealers Tell All

Drug dealers to the stars tell all their dirty secrets. 

STAR Magazine had an interesting story about celebrity drug dealers (and former friends) who dish on what it is their famous customers like. Of course this story could have been written by anyone at STAR since all “dealers” interviewed are pretty much anonymous. Regardless, it makes a juicy read and you and I both know, even if these “drug dealers” are full of it, they aren’t far off.
Lindsay Lohan allegedly had a dealer who calls himself David Joseph. He says Lindsay “ordered [cocaine] and pills. Her favorite was Molly, MDMA, which was the extra pure pharmaceutical ecstasy.”
Matt Lauer did cocaine back in the 80s according to a former friend who says he sold the cocaine to Lauer and even snorted it with him.
Angelina Jolie Former drug dealer Franklin Meyer, says years ago he would sell Angelina heroin and cocaine a few times a week. He witnessed her snorting both drugs on numerous occasions. He also claims Jolie snorted cocaine before doing an interview on The Charlie Rose Show back in 2000.”
Charlie Sheen Charlie doesn’t mess around when it comes to quantity. A drug dealer named “JR Smith” told investigative journalist Ian Halperin that Charlie ordered kilos of cocaine at a time, and often. This celebrity drug dealer even passed a polygraph test. Another drug dealer claims Charlie once threatened to shoot himself in the head at a party with lots of alcohol and yes, cocaine.
Whitney Houston A man who goes by “DJ” says he scored Whitney cocaine the night she died. Another drug dealer claims Whitney bought a thousand dollars worth of cocaine right before the “Child Alive Black Ball” in NYC “She was high as hell at that black-tie event!” they said. And yet another dealer claims he hopped a train and traveled 13-hours to bring Whitney Houston $6,000 of cocaine and Adderall before her June 2010 concert in Copenhagen. (Remember this performance?)
Brooke Mueller A drug dealer from South Central L.A. named “T-Mac” says he scored Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife cocaine after first being suspicious that she was a cop.
Amanda Bynes Bynes’ former marijuana drug dealer says he quit doing business with her after she stole his weed.
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