Monday, August 5, 2013

Jack White's Ex-Wife Files a Restraining Order

White Stripes rocker Jack White's ex-wife files a restraining order.
Over two years after Karen Elson and Jack White threw a party in celebration of their divorce, the White Stripes frontman now has a restraining order against him that was filed by his estranged wife.
Elson's petition, according to Nashville's City Paper, claims the 38-year-old rocker has been violent and harassing over emails and texts. "This pattern of husband's bullying wife into submission was a contributing factor in the demise of their marriage," the restraining order reportedly reads. It adds that White's "wife fears for her and the children's safety as a result of this harassment," and that the musician is to not have "any contact with wife whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties' minor children."
The couple have apparently been arguing over custody of their two children. White wants shared custody while Elson, 34, claims he is not fit to be a parent. One email of White's reads in reference a settlement (via City Paper): "I'm not extending this anymore, and we're not getting lawyers involved to rip me off." White and Elson split in 2011 after six years of marriage. The two have a court hearing on Aug. 29 over their two children.
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