Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Artist Jemima Kirke Jumps Jay Z

Artist Jemima Kirke jumped on Jay Z's back and had to forcibly removed from the gallery during Jay's Picasso Baby video shoot.

Ma’am, please remove yourself from Hova immediately.
Jay Z had back problems while filming a 10-minute performance video promoting his “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album. According to sources at midtown’s Pace Gallery, he needed help from security to lighten the load.
In the video, which debuted over the weekend, Jay Z talks about performance art and raps the single “Picasso Baby” live. The audience is a group of art world stars like Marina Abramovic and celebs including Alan Cumming and “Girls” star Jemima Kirke, who stood on the sidelines and took turns sitting on a gallery bench while Jay Z rapped to them during the seven-hour shoot.
But for quirky Kirke, watching quietly wasn’t going to work. In the video, she first takes her turn on the bench, letting Hova serenade her. Wearing hot pink pants and a black top, the smiley actress still has her act together as she lets down her hair and grins away. A short time later, the video cuts to Kirke, now draped on Jay like a cheap suit as he raps to the cheering crowd.
“She was acting totally nuts!” said one witness, who watched Kirke climb onto Jay’s back and hold on tightly while the hip-hop superstar walked about, rapping to fans without missing a beat. “She kept jumping on his back like a little monkey,” says our source.
Seeing Kirke going bananas, Jay Z’s security staff peeled her off the rap icon.
“Someone was screaming ‘Get her off of him!’ ” says our spy. Kirke went away kicking and begging, “Let us finish!” as she was removed from the gallery.
Rest assured, Jay never lost his cool.
“He kept rapping the whole time!” our amazed onlooker assures us.

Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Weirdo bitch. I bet she didn't know who he was a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Yep Jay Z knows he liked every bit of that white woman's touch (thats why he didn't push her off of him). We know what Jay really wants - a white woman!!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm - he already has one - her name is Beyonce....hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Crazy disrespectful slut bitch. That is a married man. Where was Solange to react to this with a warranted asskicking when you need her ass. Overreacting to everything else where was she when this shit went down?

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