Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Justin Guarini Calls American Idol Damaging

American Idol's first runner up says the reality competition show negatively affected his life.

Justin Guarini calls “American Idol” “damaging” in a new interview slated to air Sunday on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”
The singer, who was runner-up to Kelly Clarkson during the show’s inaugural season in 2002, discusses the depression that set in after the show primed him for a fame that didn’t exactly pan out.
He specifically cites the negative response to the 2003 movie, “From Justin to Kelly,” an experience that he calls “abysmal.”
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Anonymous said...

His attitude negatively affected his life! I met this guy right after the show ended. We were getting drinks from the bar at a private party, I said to him that I thought that he should have won...his response was a sarcastic "you mean I didn't win?" Funny thing is we were both guests at a Prince party, I was VIP he wasn't! The look at his face when he saw me get into VIP and start chatting with the celebrities was priceless! Asshole!

Anonymous said...

What's in a name? In music industry...EVERYHING!
The name Justin Guarini just doesn't cut it. His father's last name is Bell. He should have used his father's surname because Justin Bell has a better, more memorable ring to it. It certainly would not have hurt him being more memorable. Maybe Guarini (mother's maiden name, stepfather's name, I don't know)was his way of honoring that name...but it certainly was more forgettable.

Anonymous said...

it was his way of NOT honoring the black side of him...classic. He's a Vin Diesel 2.0 but even less successful.

Anonymous said...

Both "Bell" and "Guarini" are forgettable names. Drake Bell had more popularity (though marginal) in the states until Drake Graham came along. but that's beside the point. Justin didn't have "it" to make it to super-star status.

Hell, Beyonce is a forgettable name, but she certainly has "it" (aka a sneaky underhanded father to close backroom deals) to be as famous as she is.

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