Monday, August 5, 2013

Kanye West Re-Works Lindsay Lohan Trailer

Kanye West and his multi-media company DONDA re-edited the trailer for Lindsay Lohan's new film The Canyons.

The Canyons, the Bret Easton Ellis-written, Paul Schrader-directed, Lindsay Lohan and James Deen-starring thriller, opens in theaters and is available on iTunes and on demand today.
Now, Kanye West has also been added to the mix: In collaboration with his multimedia company DONDA, West has created a new version of the movie's trailer. West worked with Nate Brown on the re-editing of the trailer, and created new music for the trailer's soundtrack with frequent collaborator Noah Goldstein. (Read our featuring on the making of Kanye's latest album Yeezus, including an interview with Goldstein, here.)
We're guessing all of this came by way of Kanye's friendship with Ellis.
As previously reported, Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning did the score for the film.

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