Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Khloe Kardashian Visits Kim Kardashian's Divorce Attorney

Khloe Kardashian spotted outside the office of high powered divorce attorney Laura Wasser.
The weirdest story in Hollywood continues to rattle into crazy town. Lamar Odom allegedly has a huge drug problem, as in, he smokes crack cocaine.
Not only is this the first anyone has heard of it, but the tabloid world can’t seem to figure out if he’s been abusing drugs for years or if he’s recently plunged into the dark world of crack. Each tabloid has a different report.
Then Lamar was reportedly “missing” for about 24 hours until paparazzi snapped photos of him, so we guess he wasn’t “missing” at all.
Then Khloe was reportedly trying to “save” him, just like she’s been “saving their marriage” through all the alleged cheating scandals, but apparently she gave up on that pretty quickly because Life & Style caught Khloe visiting with Kim’s divorce attorney Laura Wasser.
An insider told the mag that a divorce is “definitely happening,” just like it’s been “happening” every time some chick came forward and said Lamar was having an affair.
If/when they do divorce, they DID sign an iron-clad prenup AND Khloe reportedly has clauses about “if the marriage should end due to infidelity.”
So whether Lamar is a cheater or a crackhead, Khloe’s going to get out with a lot of cash.
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Anonymous said...

If this Nukka AINT a crackhead
by the time khloe is done sending his ass threw the ringer he gone be on CRACK, METH, HEROIN,PAPRIKA AND BATHSALTS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I bet it was all captured on camera for next season too? Good job kardashians. Drag that mans rep through the fucking mud to ensure you have another season. Pathetic at best.

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