Friday, August 16, 2013

Kim and Kanye Clashing Over North's Big Reveal

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at odds over how to debut North West.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian looked happy together when they made their first post-baby reveal earlier this week, but things on the home front have been far more contentious than appearances let on.
RadarOnline reports that the new parents are feuding over how they should release photos of their two-month-old daughter, North, and it appears the two have some very different opinions on how she should make her debut.
A source close for the website revealed that Kim has "been working out trying to lose the baby weight, because she wants to appear on the cover of Vogue with infant daughter, North. Kim considers Vogue to be her fashion bible and is pressuring Kanye to persuade Anna Wintour to make it happen."
While it was originally reported that Kanye was on board with this plan, it seems Yeezy has had a sudden change of heart and wants to eschew the media circus in favor of more modest reveal.
"Kanye is leaning towards releasing North’s first baby pics on social media, just as Jay Z and Beyonce did after daughter Blue Ivy was born," says the insider. "It’s certainly no secret that Kanye hates the media, and he doesn’t want to do a sit-down interview with a magazine reporter."
Sources close to the couple say that Kanye will end up getting his way, because Kim is dead-set on pleasing her man without rocking the boat.
"Kanye wants Kim to be happy but he isn’t about to expose his life to the public unless he can control how it’s done," says the source.
Do you imagine baby Nori making her debut on social media, or will she end up in magazine spread?
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1. who these people in the pic?
2. who actually believes anna wintour would ever put kk on the cover of vogue? baby or no?
3. who believes kanye would turn down an opportunity to be on vogue?

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