Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Royal Family Official Photo

The Royal family has released the first official family portrait of Prince William, Kate and Prince George.

It's Prince George – and the pups.
On Monday, Prince William and wife Kate released two informal family photos at the place their month-old son spent the first weeks of his life – the Middleton family homein Bucklebury.
The pictures were taken by Kate's father, Michael, in the sunny garden of the Middleton family home in early August.
And the royal couple – dressed casually, while the Prince of Cambridge snoozed in the same blanket he was originally introduced in – didn't forget the fourth member of their household. Lupo, the cocker spaniel William and Kate adopted in early 2012, is featured in one of the shots, along with the Middleton's retriever, Tilly.
A Palace source tells PEOPLE William and Kate thought having a family member take the photos was the "best way to capture the couple in a relaxed manner."
More formal images of the Cambridges and other members of the royal and Middleton families will come at the christening, which is expected in the fall.
Jacked from People


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