Monday, August 26, 2013

Taylor Swift Tells Harry Styles to Shut the F**K Up

Taylor Swift caught dropping an F-bomb at MTV Video Music Awards while her ex Harry Styles accepted his award. 

Nobody really expects Taylor Swift to spend her nights singing along to Best Song Ever, even though it's quite amazing.
But who would have guessed the pretty pop princess would have such a filthy mouth.
When our favourite five lads One Direction were presenting at the MTV Video Music Awards, it seems Taylor wasn't exactly too bothered about listening to their chatter.
As the squeaky Sass Master from Doncaster, Louis Tomlinson, is gearing up to award Selena Gomez with a moon man for Best Pop Video, Taylor appeared to whisper a bit of swearing.
It appears that she says: "Shut the f*** up."
Which is quite a big ask considering they were only doing as they were told.
And the organisers probably wouldn't be too impressed if they stopped talking because Taylor Swift didn't want to listen to ex-boyfriend Harry Styles and his mates any longer.
Jacked from The Mirror


Anonymous said...

how come taylor swift never gets called a hoe but Rihanna does?

Anonymous said...

this was probably a planned and perfectly timed stunt to get more "day after" publicity for both taylor and one direction. and obviously, it worked.

i think taylor and selena are bumping pussies. that would explain taylor dating closeted gay guys and breaking up with them 2 weeks later.

nba is fixed said...

I will call Taylor Swift a hoe any time any place any where!

Anonymous said...

Why she always dating kids - somebody younger than her (except Jake Gyllenhall - whatever his last name is)?

Anonymous said...

This bish can't keep a man.

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