Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Britney Spears Lip Syncing Las Vegas Residency?

Insiders claim Britney Spears will be lip syncing during her two year residency in Las Vegas.
There's talk that Britney Spears won't actually be singing during her shows at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.
It sounds “Criminal.”
Britney Spears may be taking fans for a ride when she kicks off her residency in Las Vegas at the end of the year.
The pop star announced on ABC’s “Good Morning America” last week that she’ll do a two-year stint at Sin City’s Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, starting Dec. 27.
But sources tell us it’s possible that Spears, 31, may be phoning in the “Britney: Piece of Me” shows, in which she plans on performing 21 of her greatest hits over about 90 minutes.
“Britney does not sing. She is being paid a lot of money to lip-sync,” says the source. “Her fans are none the wiser, but it is disingenuous of her to take their cash and not deliver a proper performance.”
This isn’t the first time the “Toxic” singer has been accused of lip-syncing. Reports surfaced this year that the star is not even singing in the recording studio.
In 2009, fans stormed out of her “Circus” tour in Australia and demanded their money back because of disappointment over her lip-syncing.
Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

*shrugs* I'm sure most of her fans know that she lip syncs, but they don't care. Besides, how is this news? It would be more shocking to report that she'll be singing LIVE.

Anonymous said...

^^^^EXACTLY! Would anyone checking for her expect a live performance?

Anonymous said...

So what! There is no difference between lip Syncing or an artist talking the words to their songs instead of singing it or letting the audience sing the song. Get your money Britney!

nba is fixed said...

List of fake singers who can't sing:

1. Britney Spears, abused by the Disney demons

2. Jennifer Lopez, fucked all of the Wayans brothers on In Living Color

3. Rihanna, Drug addict and a dirty hoe, possibly has herpes

4. Miley Cyrus, daddy Billy Ray gave his daughter to the Disney demons in exchange for money and fame

5. Demi Lovato, another girl abused by the Disney demons

6. Taylor Swift, rat faced ugly bitch who can't sing for shit

7. Katy Perry, she has big tits but she can't sing

If you choose to waste money on these auto tune studio singers, that's your business. A real singer sings live.

ThatBKChick said...

(((YARNS)))....TELL ME SOME SH*T WE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS BISH ALREADY? White privileged is what this bish is about. The only artist I know in this decade who's been giving more passes than any other artist, including the fact that she cannot and NEVER sing!....SMDH! Going back to my afternoon nap!

Anonymous said...

Is this news??? Britney has been lip syncing for a long time. It looks like she has to do it or else

Anonymous said...

Rumors are that she only sold out three of her 16 reported gigs already.

Methinks she won't be "lip-syncing" for too long.

Niyabinghi Warrior. said...

Cosign nba and that BK Chick, this no talent bitch and taylor swift, justin beiber has been given more passes than the law allow, these no talent hacks along with the rest including that other big titty hoe no singing katy perry's ass, is a disgrace to music. this age of manufactured talented is disgusting. I'm so happy folks are waking up to these smoke and mirror illusion. I don't know who in their right mind to pay to see this medicated, dead eyed, zombie flop around stage in a stupor lip syncing to dancers, dazzling lights and all manner of pyrotechnics to distract the audience from this zombified robot.

Anonymous said...

Britney must owe some serious debts if her handlers refuse to stop peddling her like it's still 1999-2001. I guess they're trying to get back the 17 million they wasted on her X-Factor gig, as well as the money spent promoting her last album and tour.

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