Thursday, September 19, 2013

Charlie Sheen Child Support Cut In Half

Charlie Sheen's $55k a month child support order to ex-wife Brooke Muller has been cut in half.
Charlie Sheen's child support payments to Brooke Muller have been cut in half.
The 'Anger Management' star has struck a new deal with his ex-wife's lawyers after lodging an appeal to reduce his monthly payment of $55,000 while his and Brooke's twins, Bon and Max, remain in Denise Richards' care.
A source told gossip website ''A deal was made out of court between Charlie and Brooke's lawyers, which involved a mediator. The new child support payment is $25,000 a month, since the twins, Bob and Max, aren't living with Brooke. If the judge in child dependency court gives the boys back to Brooke, Charlie will immediately begin paying her the full $55,000 a month.
''Needless to say, Brooke isn't happy that the child support payment was slashed, but knew if it went to court, she would likely receive no money. She is desperate to get the boys back as quickly as possible so she can resume getting her hefty child support checks.''
The insider added: ''(Charlie) could have gone to the family court and asked the judge to rule that he shouldn't have to pay Brooke a dime because the boys aren't living with her.
''However, Charlie didn't want to kick Brooke when she was down. He is a generous guy, probably to a fault. Brooke is the mother to his children, and he really hopes she turns it around, this time for good.''
Charlie Sheen recently bought a mansion for Brooke in the same neighborhood as his ex-wife Denise, who secured temporary custody of their twins when Brooke was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold earlier this year and then entered a rehab facility.
The socialite has impressed child protective services officials with her progress and is on course to regain custody of her sons, five.
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Anonymous said...

If she doesn't have them why give her anything?

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Charlie Sheen, its clear that he's a decent person who's trying to do right by the people in his life. I don't understand why she is getting a dime in child support when she doesn't have the children. Whatever. That's rich folk problems.

Anonymous said...

omg! All that money and he looks like hell. Don't do drugs period!

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