Thursday, September 26, 2013

Iggy Azalea Says She Didn't Blow Anyone to Get on Beyonce's Tour

Iggy Azalea lashes out at critics who claim she sucked her way to the top.

Iggy Azalea has hit out at critics who have suggested she has been sexually involved with her male counterparts in order to further her career.
The star joins Beyonce on the Australian leg of her Mrs Carter tour later this year, and claims joining the 'Single Ladies' star on the road will mean she avoids the sexual slurs she has previously been hit with. Speaking to Gigwise the Australian rapper candidly expressed her frustration at the unfair allegations.
"Obviously I was really excited and happy," she said, when asked about joining Beyonce on tour. "I kind of felt honestly like, finally someone that [the press] won't be able to say I had sex with to get it.
"I just feel like everything I do, people are always like 'She probably had sex with someone to get that... she's probably sucking that dick.' Honestly, I swear to God I've never sucked anyone's dick for anything," the 'Bounce' rapper added. "I've only ever sucked dick for free. I've only ever given free blowjobs. I've never given a blowjob for anything other than I've wanted to give that guy a blowjob."
"They won't be able to say I gave Beyonce a blowjob, so, yes! You can't discredit me for this... she likes me, and she invited me, so, so there. Take that."
Iggy has just released latest single 'Change Your Life', which features a guest appearance from mentor T.I. The rapper is gearing up for her major label debut, The New Classic, which is slated to be released later this year.
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Anonymous said...

While being white, blonde, and with butt implants certainly opened more a lot more doors for her than if she had been black, I'm sure she did her share of fucking and sucking for tracks and studio time, as well as for that slot on the Australian leg of Beyonce's tour. She can't rap for shit, I don't think any of her songs have charted in the U.S., and her album keeps getting pushed back. If it ever does get released, it will probably get a limited release in the UK and Europe.

Niyabighi Warrior. said...

This hideous no talent hack is a joke, of course this robot looking cyborg had to suck industry dicks, bitch got no talent and I'm tired of all these uncle tom kneegrows trying to foist these talentless hacks on the public. is this part of TI snitch deal, what next them li ugly ass muthafukkas so called boy band from England the been trying to foist on us. fuck off with these no talent hacks, Beyoncé did this shit for publicity cause ain't nobody checking for this useless ho and her Tupperware ass and titties.

Anonymous said...

@12:07 WORD!!! I have heard one of her songs and she sounds like she is actually mocking hip hop and black people in general. She raps in this pseudo hood voice that comes across phony and unrealistic. She doesn't rap naturally theversus and the delivery are horrible and she raps in an accent that she "thinks" black people sound like. Beyonce dumb ass got this insulting bitch on tour. At Dave Chapelle's next Race Draft I vote Beyonce out and I want Adele in. Yeah I said it!!!

Anonymous said...

She lying, too many comments, books, videos, and revealed blind items have confirmed over the past 30 years that it is industry STANDARD PROCEDURE that you must give up the goods to get put on, regardless of your talent (or lack thereof). The casting couch is more than a metaphor.

All that being said, I do believe her about not licking Beyonce's poontang because Beyonce is asexual.

Anonymous said...

this bish wack non-rapping azz HAD to suck dick to get a record deal! how can ANYONE listen to that fake drunk sounding accent she uses in her songs and take her seriously enough to give her a deal?

then again...........somebody DID sign krayshawn's equally wack azz and gave the bish a milli just cuz of that "gucci gucci" song. *smh* TPTB are SO desperate for a female emimem they'll sign ANYBODY white with a vagina!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you are a DUMB, DUMB, DUMB bitch, - you say dumb/stupid shit and tell on yourself like dumb ass Iggy did - only ever suck dicks for free, only ever give blow jobs for free or if she wanted to!! WTF - Yep she is glad to be of service for free - GTFOH - No wonder she is being passed around the industry, all those ignorant fools only have to give her pennies for her so called free dick giveaway services. Then she has the nerve to believe that she has never sucked anybody's dick for something. Like I said DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!!

Anonymous said...

I know she is mad about the things people have said or ask her but baby girl don't never let it out that you suck dicks for free < LOL >. At east by letting on that you suck dicks to work your way up. We all know it's not your rapping game. ( This got to be a true dumb blond ).

Anonymous said...

@1:56 - Too funny!! I Agree, and when Dave Chappelle's has his next Race Draft - I'll be the first to vote - to throw Beyonce's ass to the white folks and welcome Adele to our Black family!!

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