Monday, September 23, 2013

Kanye West Demands Carpet Be Ironed

Kanye West blows away the staff on the Jools Holland show with his outrageous demands.

It's not unusual for megastars to make diva demands, but Kanye West's request to have his dressing room carpet ironed by BBC staff might be a step too far.
The 36-year-old rapper - who welcomed his first child North into the world with Kim Kardashian in June - caused a stir on the Later with Jools Holland show on Tuesday when he made a series of outrageous requests before taking to the stage to perform.
After turning up for rehearsals in Maidstone, Kent, the star was less than impressed with his studio set and demanded that staff tear it down and rebuild it to his original plans.
He then insisted everything in his dressing room be replaced in the colour white, including the walls, sofa and flowers.
The singer, who joined Sting and Kings of Leon on the show, was also adamant that he and his huge entourage should be given more than half of the fifteen dressing rooms available to the performers.
However, he really shocked BBC employees when he asked for his carpet to be flattened out with a heated tool as it was too bumpy for his liking.
A source told The Sun newspaper: 'Everybody knew Kanye's reputation for being a handful, but nobody had heard of a request for a carpet to be ironed before.
'His entourage took over the studio, even though plenty of other stars were present.
'Luckily once he got to the performance he was very quiet and unassuming.'
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Cut this B.S. out Ms. Kimye

Niyabinghi Warrior. said...

Anyone that entertains this bat shit crazy bi-polar Gemini and his stunt queen fuckeries deserve whatever foolery he brings.

Anonymous said...

i wish he'd fade into obscurity and take his bleach-blond hooker with him.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they dismiss this fools rambling crazyness and tell Kanye to kiss their ass! And go on with the show with or without him!

Anonymous said...

If the carpets too bumpy, iron it ya damn self.

celebs do this crap, because they CAN.

Anonymous said...

Tellem Queen

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