Monday, September 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian Hires Publicist to Distance Herself From the Family

Kim Kardashian hires a new publicist to distance herself from the Kardashian Family circus.
Kim Kardashian has hired a new publicist in a bid to distance herself from her family melodrama. We’re told the new mother has moved on from PMK*BNC’s Jill Fritzo, who has tirelessly represented the entire Kardashian clan for years, to Sarah Jessica Parker ’s publicist, Slate PR co-founder Ina Treciokas.
She also represents Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Liev Schreiber and Justin Theroux. Treciokas’ firm also reps Jennifer Aniston.
A source tells us, “Kim wants to set herself apart from the Kardashian p.r. machine, and Kanye West advised her to build her own team.”
Fritzo, currently battling with the Lamar Odom problem, continues to represent the rest of the Kardashians.
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Niyabinghi Warrior. said...

Bitch no publisist can extend your 15 minutes. your finished not even that stunt queen rent a baby fuckery could milk out another 2 minutes. to quote Kid Fury "exit stage left like muthafukken snaggle pus" close the door on your way out hoe!!!

Anonymous said...

Can the public hire a new publicist to distance themselves from the Kardashians?

dreadee said...


Anonymous said...

that wig is horrible lol

Glow said...

@ Anon 10:46 - I will happily chip in!

Anonymous said...

@10:46 - LMFBAO!!! IKR????

Pimp Mama Kris ain't gonna let her prize ho "distance" herself from the family. Khloe is viewed as an ugly joke, Kourtney and her man are non-entities, Rob is fat slob, and the 2 younger girls aren't old enough to get naked in Playboy and make sex tapes for Kris to sell to the highest bidder. And you know PMK plans to make as much money as she can from North, regardless of how Kim feels about it, so nope, a new publicist ain't gonna help. The only thing that would help Kim distance herself is to have her entire Klan killed off.

Anonymous said...

^^ One of the Jenner daughters just turned 18. I'm sure Kris is trying to find some way to get her in a sex tape with some guy more famous than Ray J....just wait.

Anonymous said...

11:29- Is that the one who's running around with Jaden Smith? Oh yeah, that video will sell.

Anonymous said...


Jaden is underage so that won't work.

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