Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kim Kardashian Suffers an Emotional Breakdown

Kim Kardashian cracks under pressure over her mother Kris Jenner and Kanye West's constant bickering.

Kontrolling KRIS JENNER’s suddenly made peace with hothead homie KANYE WEST after distraught daughter KIMKARDASHIAN suffered an emotional breakdown, screaming at Mom-ager and Baby-Daddy that their ongoing tug-of-war battles are killing her!
Said a family insider: “Kim was in constant tears because both controlling Kris and domineering Kanye kept demanding things be done their way!
"Kanye insisted Kim should lay back, relax, and enjoy beautiful moments with their little NORI. But Kris had people in the house constantly, bringing them in to see the baby. Worse, she kept bombarding Kim with new projects, story ideas for their show, photoshoots, etc.
"Then it all came to a head when Kanye erupted, forbidding Kris from talking shop to her daughter – and that’s when Kim finally broke down in tears, begging them to stop. Her obvious pain finally made Kris and Kanye come to their senses. Realizing their bad blood was making Kim a wreck, they sat down and made amends, vowing to get along with each other for her sake!”
Stay tuned.
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Where is my popcorn please?? Be careful what you wish for - whether it be fame or a famous baby....

Was it worth it, Kim?

Anonymous said...

Oh fuckin please with these lame ass people...we all know the "source'/ is nothing more than PMK at her lap top pecking away ..coming up with fake drama for her fat ass urnal cake....Know body cares PMK......still waiting for the end of this lame shit .....Stop calling all the blogs with your're made up shit.......

Anonymous said...

Get used to it, it's really going to get bad if you two get married, because ain't no way in Hell Kanye is going to let your crazy azz mom run his life. Hell, she need to try and figure out why her show was cancelled, but she knows that her future and fortune depends on your body and looks, but hopefully you won't lose that baby weight, then maybe your fat azz will stay in hiding so we won't have to see you for awhile.
P.S please don't do that playboy spread, if I wanted to see you I'll just watch the video of Ray J. smashing you, and you getting tea bagged.

Anonymous said...

they are living in her house. rent a house until your house is finished. end of problem.

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