Friday, September 20, 2013

Liz Taylor JFK Three-Way Revealed

Actor Robert Stack's tell-all book rips the lid off Elizabeth Taylor's steamy love life.
ELIZABETH TAYLOR reportedly slept with RONALD REAGAN as a teen and had a 3 way with JOHN F. KENNEDY and “Untouchables” star ROBERT STACK according to steamy tell-all!
The authors of the new book sure know how to tease an unauthorized bio as Danforth Prince and Darwin Potter reputedly spent years tracking the explosive seamy details of the movie queen’s dangerous liaisons in their book “Elizabeth Taylor: There is Nothing Like a Dame.”
The book which ballyhoos “all the gossip unfit to print from the glory days of Hollywood”, the authors claim Ronald Reagan was 36 when he invited a teenage Liz to sup with him at his home in the Hollywood Hills. She reportedly seduced the then-contract player at Warner Brothers.
According to the book, Liz told a pal, “Reagan was treating me like a grown woman, and that thrilled me. We sat on his sofa and I could tell he wanted to get it on but he seemed reluctant to make the first move. I became the aggressor. After a heavy make-out session on the sofa, we went into the bedroom.”
The book also claim that Liz’s alleged fling with Kennedy is a shocker -- a nude dip in the randy politco’s pool soon turned into an unabashed three-way between Liza, JFK and TV’s Elliot Ness Robert Stack.
The book’s authors claim also claim the libidinous Liz did the nasty with a plethora of TinselTown’s most prominent playboys including Peter Lawford, Errol Flynn, Tony Curtis, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra.
The book claims that Liz’s fling with Sinatra nosedived after she got too serious with the crooner.
Liz’s sin-hungry exploits are already the stuff of salacious legend – after all, she stole her best friend Debbie Reynolds'husband Eddie Fisher right after the death of her hubby Mike Todd. Naturally, Liz dumped Eddie when she wooed Richard Burton on the set of “Cleopatra”.
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Niyabinghi Warrior. said...

No surprise there, Liz was a epic skank back in her heyday, I think was was a Pisces or Scorpio and everyone knows the water signs are the freakaleek of the zodiac, because their forte is emotions and they can invoke the deepest to the shallowest emotions. we are in a different age and these tidbits about long dead yt celebrities are just not interesting, the age of Pisces and the worship of these yt demigods are finished.

Anonymous said...

I love Old Hollywood gossip. Fuckin freaks

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make. Everyone mentioned is now dead so no one can defend themselves to say if it was true or not.

Anonymous said...

Sharks still trying to get a meal-ticket out of the dead. What a damn shame. Nothings new in the celeb game. The legends were doing shit that would completely shock us all if we knew. Only difference today, is that we have the internet and almost nothing is secret anymore. It's all a carefully crafted image and these folks should not be idolized.

Anonymous said...

Actually Liz was a Sag.

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