Friday, September 20, 2013

Tiki Barber and Traci Johnson Expecting First Baby

Tiki Barber and his former mistress are expecting their first child together.

Tiki Barber has revealed he and the 23-year-old woman he left his pregnant wife for are expecting their first child together.
The retired New York Giants running back married one-time mistress and girlfriend Traci Johnson in a civil ceremony in New York's City Hall in July, eight days after his divorce to his wife of 11 years, Ginny, became final.
Speaking on 'Bethenny,' he told America that his fifth child, and Johnson's first, was due in December before rubbing his young bride's belly as the live audience applauded. The episode will air this coming Tuesday.
The controversial former NFL star, 37, said on his way to the Manhattan Marriage Bureau in the summer: 'It's a great day. We're finally getting married.'
A polarizing figure, Barber left his wife, Ginny, in 2010, even though she was eight months pregnant with twin girls, after beginning an affair with Johnson in 2010.
At the time, Barber was working for NBC's 'Today' show with ambitions to be a serious journalist, but lost his job soon afterwards due to indifferent responses to his reporting skills.
The affair with the former NBC intern and Maxim pinup girl did not help his cause either, as public opinion turned massively against Barber, who appeared in the XXXV Superbowl in 2000.
Taking to Twitter to confirm the news of their marraige, Barber said, 'Many thanks to the NYC Clerk's office, especially James Mitchell who married me to my love @TraciLJohnson! Excited for the next chapters.'
Johnson and Barber had planned to get married on May 12 in the Hamptons, however, his divorce to his wife of 13-years had not been finalized and the ceremony was postponed.
After the ceremony, Jonson tweeted 'We're married @barber_tiki !!!!!!' and posted a variety of pictures from their happy day, including one of both bride and groom wearing their wedding rings.
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, this brotha (Uncle Tom) has really made himself look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think she's anywhere nearly as attractive as his ex wife. Typical becky look. Karma always comes back around, hope she takes him to the cleaners. That's if he has any substantial money left after having all those Damn kids and alimony smh they're both winners

Anonymous said...

How is he making a living, and is he giving Ginny sufficient child support? He needs to keep it low key before he is villified further.

Anonymous said...

You people are ignorant fools! The issue here is not that his former mistress and current wife is white. The issue is not her "typical Becky look", or his "dick getting hard when her pale ass gets wrinkled". The issue here is that this man dumped his wife of 13 years when she was 8 months pregnant with his children and then proceeded to flaunt this broad in her face. They've been married for a few years and he still can't resist getting another dig in at his ex-wife's expense. And you know what, race isn't even a factor in this scenario. And really? "This brotha" followed by "(Uncle Tom)". Come on!! Race will continue to be an issue as long as ignorant people continue to make it an issue! This post had nothing to do with race, yet here we go, we HAVE to MAKE it about race. Can't we all just agree that this dude is a piece of shit and leave it at that? I don't care if he was Chinese, the new wife was white and the ex-wife was hispanic. Race does not change the facts of this. I'm so sick of people ruining these posts with race.

Anonymous said...

The new wife is white, the ex wife is Asian, and this POS Negro is SICKENING! And so is his new pride and joy skank wife that believes, as does he that it is OKAY to break marriage vows, lie, cheat, flaunt and replace a pregnant spouse with an immoral one. SMH.

Anonymous said...

This piece of shit needs his ass beat by a gorilla. Grinning with his blonde bimbo home wrecker, that he now proudly & publicly admits he impregnated. I don't know if I hate home him more or deion "gator mouf" sanders putrid ass. Both of these narcissistic bitches make me sick. Can't believe he left his wife for that hoe, but it's ok cos becky's gonna take him for everything he got left and 18 yrs of child support to boot.

ThatBKChick said...

The fact remains that he will stay with her, until he is able to make an upward move to revive his image, if that will ever happen, Lord knows. I feel that he had no choice but to stick with this broad, because this was the "straw" that broke his "promising career". I agree, most of these black men make poor choices, when they have beautiful women to begin with.

In fact the most sickening of NFL bastards is Ahmed Rashad, Phylicia Rashad (AKA Clare Huxetble) , when divorced the beautifully talented Phylicia for Rashād after 13 years in 2001 and took up with Sale Johnson (ex-wife of Johnson & Johnson billionaire heir, and New York Jets owner, Woody Johnson)-who kindly just finished divorcing his ass!

I have very little hope in regards to black athletes and them being faithful to anything other than the game and their selfish ass whoring ways!

With the exception of Grant Hill and Tamia...14 years going STRONG!

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