Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chris Brown Says Justin Bieber Hangs Around Too Many Blacks

Chris Brown says Justin Bieber's catches so much heat because he hangs around too many Black people.
Is Justin Bieber on the outs with the "mainstream" because he has been "hanging out with too many Black people"?
According to Chris Brown, the teen that was once adored by thousands of girls (and their parents) for his friendly music and seeming squeaky clean image is now struggling because of "unconscious racism."
"Justin’s not a bad kid, I’ve been around him. But if he hangs with too many Black people, “oh he’s hanging with the ni**as, so we’re going to let you go.” That’s strictly what it is. It’s unconscious racism. C’mon, y’all know this s**t is bulls**t. So like at the end of the day, people f**k with people and Justin does great music. He’s still pop, but he hangs with the Black people," Brown told JET magazine in previously unreleased quotes from a September 2013 interview.
As seen over the last year, Justin Bieber has transitioned from seeming squeaky clean teen to a "troubled" artist that scuffles with press, urinates in buckets at restaurants and battles with his neighbors. According to Chris Brown, people are now canceling him out because they can't or simply don't want to understand who Bieber is.
"I can identify with what he’s going through. People don’t understand certain people, so if they don’t understand you, they automatically hate you. They cancel you out," Brown told JET. "I’m speaking out now because I really don’t care anymore."
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Anonymous said...

No Chris most people are concerned with Beiber because he's just doing ridiculously stupid things. Connecting this to just hanging with "black people" is the same reason why people are fed up with you and your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Chris Brown is absolutely right on this one. Thats exactly how they are thinking - Beiber is becoming too Black (gold chains, sagging pants, tattoes, all that jewelry etc. Not a good look. Chris may have said alot of things but he knows exactly what he is talking about with this, and yall know he is speaking the truth. I agree with him he might as well speak the truth, they hace destroyed him so what does he have to loose - nothing. Keep telling it Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^Beiber is becoming too Black?^^^ LOL The end is near

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