Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Corey Feldman Slams Wade Robson

Actor Corey Feldman slams Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson.
Four years after his death Michael Jackson is still surrounded by controversy but his longtime friend Corey Feldman never stops defending him against child molestation charges.
Corey hit back at a Wade Robson, who posthumously accused the King of Pop of abusing him. When Mike Parziale, who runs the ’Supporters of Wade Robson and other victims of MJ’website, tweeted to Corey, asking “Corey you have a son would you allow him to sleep in the same bed as MJ if he was still alive?” and the Goonies star was quick to respond.
“Dude get over it! MJ is gone And if Wade had a gripe, he shoulda said so while the man could defend himself!” Feldman wrote, referring to Robson’s claim that Feldman continued his defense of Jackson, writing: “plus if he was such a victim y did he take his side during “the trial” and let MJ buy him a house/car? I never took a thing!”
According to Robson, it wasn’t until May 8, 2012 that he realized he’d been systematically abused — after multiple nervous breakdowns which included feelings of extreme stress, anxiety, fear, depression and insomnia.
Feldman has been an outspoken supporter of his late friend. He released the video for ”Ascension Millennium” this summer where he danced and dressed up like Michael Jackson. Commenters hit back at Parziale’s tweet, slamming him and writing: “Like corey feldman 4 example. He hounds him & when par does not get the answer he likes he attacks him.”
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Anonymous said...

Only in America you're proven innocent by your peers and you still are guilty. A lot of people said he didn't do it. Trust if he did they would've taken his is kids away.

People need to wake up. Aphrodite Jones did a show on his second trial. It explained why Michael didn't fight the first case and why he wasn't found guilty on the second trial. In fact they showed a white employee who slept on the couch the whole night and MJ did nothing.

Anonymous said...

Wade Robeson is a cowardly, lying POS! Wonder who is behind his lies about MJ. He had this "epiphamy" about himself and MJ, just before AEG went to trial with MJ's family. Stinking fish, his story, real foul.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Corey Feldman, you are a stand up guy!

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