Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Director Michael Bay Attacked on Hong Kong Movie Set

Michael Bay was attacked on the set of Transformers 4 in Hong Kong by two brothers demanding money.
Director and producer Michael Bay was attacked and injured on set while filming “Transformers 4″ in Hong Kong Thursday, Reuters reported.
Two brothers surnamed Mak, aged 27 and 28, approached Bay and the younger brother demanded the equivalent of $12,900, a police spokeswoman told Reuters. It was unclear why they demanded the money, but the older brother then assaulted the director, police said. He then also assaulted three police officers who intervened, according to the spokeswoman.
Bay (pictured arriving in Hong Kong) suffered injuries to the right side of his face, but declined to seek treatment, the spokeswoman said. She did not believe his injuries were serious. The three police officers were treated in a hospital for minor injuries, and the younger Mak asked to be taken for treatment, saying he did not feel well, the spokeswoman said.
The younger brother was arrested on suspicion of blackmail and assault, and the elder brother on suspicion of assault, police said.
Paramount, the studio for the film, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TheWrap Thursday morning.
Filming continued after the dispute. Reuters said people working on the film declined to comment. A third man, surnamed Chan, was also reportedly arrested at the scene.
Police are investigating.
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