Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jenna Jameson Gives Another Bizarre Interview

Jenna Jameson gives another bizarre interview promoting her new book Sugar.
Following a train wreck appearance on “Good Day New York,” Jenna Jameson gave another troubling interview on Fox 411 Monday.
The former porn star, on to promote her new book “Sugar,” struggles through the interview with Diana Falzone, slurring, taking long pauses, and seeming out of it. When asked about how she feels about celebrity sex tapes, a bedraggled Jameson answers, “Well, it makes me sad that they don’t, that they’re not exact and…what would the word be?” before managing to explain, “They did this on purpose.”
According to Fox, the former porn star arrived 20 minutes late with three handlers. As with her interview on Good Day, she needed to be helped on and off the set. Her rep gave the same explanation she gave to Page Six when we contacted her about Jameson’s off-kilter performance earlier in the day, telling them she was suffering “jet lag”.
When asked by reporters Tuesday if she was on prescription pills, Jameson replied, “No, I am not.” Jameson, who lost primary custody of her kids, has been lashing out at ex Tito Ortiz on Twitter the past few days and just had her home auctioned off after reportedly defaulting on her mortgage.
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Anonymous said...

OMG! she looks fuckin horrible. All that money her porn empire made and she defaults on her mortgage. What a damn mess of a person. Drugged out, fucked out and lookin like something the cat vomited up. She had no business having kids with that polluted vagina in the first damn place. Her kids are gonna be so screwed up when they get older after viewing their mothers xxxx vids on the internet. smdh

Anonymous said...

a mess

Anonymous said...

She looks terrible. Jenna is a used up tired ass HO.

nba is fixed said...

Ladies this woman you see is the most successful porn star ever. She once claimed to have beaten the porn industry. She used to be a multi millionaire. Look at her now; she is a complete waste and her house was foreclosed! If you ever think about doing porn, think about what happeneed to this woman.

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