Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jennifer Lopez Tries to Ban Curvy Co-Stars

Jennifer Lopez tried to ban cute and curvy co-stars from her latest flick before dropping out altogether.
Hmmm, wonder if this item explains whyJENNIFER LOPEZ suddenly “dropped out” of her starring role in “The 33” – a film based on the nail-biting 2010 news story of 33 Chilean miners who were finally rescued after being trapped underground for 69 days. Insiders on the film say they couldn’t believe how the ruthless diva kept making damn sure that no female in the flick would be cuter or curvier than her!
J.Lo was set to play MARIA SEGOVIA, who made headlines when she pitched a tent and waited endlessly for the miners, including her brother, to be rescued.
“But the film also tells the stories of other wives, girlfriends and mothers who waited – and Jennifer went nuts making sure no actress cast in those roles would be prettier, or have a sexier body than she does,” said a source on the film.
“She kept going through hundreds of casting photos and whenever she spotted a female who looked too cute or sexy, she’d slash a big, black ‘X’ across their face with a Sharpie! The girl doesn’t want any competition.”
(How J.Low can you go?)
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

If this story is true, its sad for her to have lost all touch with reality.

Operation: BeastMode said...

Bitter, aging ass bitch right there lol

Anonymous said...

If this story is true then that's just too bad. When JGLO was bopping around NY with her "gangsta girl" scarf on her head and wearing those wannabe around the way girl get ups and was doing all those horrible songs with Ja-rule she was up in age then. Little kimmy cakes was taking notes back then trust.

Anonymous said...

first off we need to stop calling her pretty because she is not.. she is ok not beautiful. what body?? I don't see it..

Anonymous said...

I can believe it. She comes off as shallow, phony, manipulative & an opportunist. Im sure shes seen a bunch of casting couches.

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