Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Katy Perry Slams Naked Pop Stars

Katy Perry says her pop star peers need to put some clothes on. She's looking at you Rihanna.

Long gone are the days of cupcaked boobs and revealing latex bodysuits. Katy Perry explained in a recent interview with NPR that she's buttoning up her blouses and focusing less on her sex symbol status.
"I do see myself becoming this, whatever, inspiration out of default right now because it's such a strange world. Like females in pop—everybody's getting naked," she said. "I mean, I've been naked before, but I don't feel like I have to always get naked to be noticed. But it's interesting to see."
So just who is the "Roar" singer throwing serious shade at? Could it be Miley Cyrus? Her BFF Rihanna? Nicki Minaj? All three?!
"I'm not talking about anyone in particular," she added. "I'm talking about all of them. I mean, it's like, put it away. We know you've got it. I got it too. I've taken it off before and I'm not necessarily judging. I'm just saying sometimes it's nice to play that card but also it's nice to play other cards…I know I have that sexy card in my deck but I don't always have to use that card."
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Anonymous said...

when her album sales decline, and her singles no longer go to #1, she'll do a 180 and go back to "playing the sexy card". her boobs, colorful costumes and dr. luke produced songs are the only things that have kept her career afloat. she doesn't have the vocal talent to get away with being covered up and singing non-bubblegum songs.

Anonymous said...

The music generation 2000 to present need to cover up. None of them have talent. Every last one of them lip sync. Damn I miss the days of real talent.

Every last one of them are strippers. Yeah I said it strippers! Devil is good at what he does.

That's Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

So says the no signing hoe who always has her tits out. sugar tits (copywrite Mel Gibson) shut thee fuck up. I hate when hoes try to shade other hoes. this 10lb of makeup wearing, non singing, non dancing, should thank her lucky stars she got big tits, cause at the end of the day that's all she has. now shut up and show us your tits!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the new star. talking out of both sides of their mouths. Parents should take note and ban these deceptive artist from their houses.

Anonymous said...

This fake Christian bitch needs to sew her hypocritical mouth shut! #iCant with this industry hoe acting like she has some type of talent beside sucking and fucking the right people for hot tracks! She and the other no-talent shoulda-been-strippers need to have their drawn-out 15 minutes snatched away already!

nba is fixed said...

Hollywood manufactures celebrities the same way the C.I.A. manufactures terrorism.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

She needs to stfu and go sit her whining ass down some where. Her own dad called her a devil child. She went to the dark side long ago and now she wants to clean up her act. FAKE!

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