Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kim and Kanye to Blame for Kris and Bruce Separation?

Insiders say Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are to blame for Kris and Bruce Jenner's separation after 22 years of marriage.
Kim Kardashian and her new family drove Kris and Bruce Jenner's relationship to 'breaking point,' it has been claimed. 
The reality TV star, 31, her rapper boyfriend Kanye West, 36, and newborn daughter North moved into the Jenner marital home earlier this year because their new mansion was undergoing extensive renovations. While the matriarch, 57, was delighted her favourite child was moving back under her roof, it seems their presence proved all too much for the former Olympic champion - and ultimately took a toll on the couple's 22-year marriage.
'It got crazy,' an insider told People magazine. 'It was all about Kim and North and no one paid Bruce any attention, especially Kris.' 'This was Bruce's house, too,' adds the source. 'And he had no room. He felt like he was being shoved into a corner.'
Around the time Kim's entourage took over, the couple decided to separate, and Bruce, 63, moved into a beach-side property in Malibu pad. They kept the split a secret and dismissed rumours of marital discord at the time, with Kris calling the pad a 'man-cave' where Bruce could 'relax'.
But it was clear to viewers that Kris' husband was not her priority. (While she allocated a nursery and other rooms in the house to Kim and Kanye, Bruce was allotted a small space in the garage to keep his favourite possessions.) And Bruce himself made the point in one episode that Kim and Kanye have more than enough money to rent a place of their own while their renovations were underway.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

This is sad if true because once your daughter moves out with her family, you will be alone. .

Anonymous said...

She won't be alone. Young men, old enough to be her own sons (if she had any) will be more than happy to use her for her money. Since she has no morals, or values, she'll be happy to be used in such a fashion.

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