Monday, October 21, 2013

Kim Kardashian Butt Selfie Was a Planned Publicity Stunt

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West thoroughly planned Kim's attention grabbing butt selfie.

Kim Kardashian’s sexy white swimsuit selfie nearly set the internet on fire yesterday, especially after boyfriend Kanye West tweeted the pic alongside the message “HEADING HOME NOW.”
But Life & Style can reveal that the Instagram pic was anything but accidental. “Kim was dying to get her picture in a bathing suit,” an insider exclusively told Life & Style. Kim, 32, has been dying to show off her weight loss for the first time since giving birth to daughter North in June. The newly blonde reality star has lost 70 pounds thanks to the Atkins Diet.
Though the selfie looked casual, it was carefully orchestrated by Kim and Kanye. “She took so many pictures and deleted them before her and Kanye decided on the one she posted,” says the insider. “He had the ultimate say about Kim putting up the picture and decided which one he liked best.”
Jacked from Life & Style  


Anonymous said...

shen she turns 40 - HELL, 30 - she will be getting butt lipo.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the child. No child wants to grow up and be constantly reminded of their parents transgressions. She has taken so many butt shots that her behind looks ridiculous.

What is funny her house nigga told her nothing is wrong with her body. Black men would accept anything with a whole. BDD at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

wow, so shocked! a couple of attention whores pulling a publicity stunt. who'da thunk? [/sarcasm]

atkins diet my ass! bitch was prob snorting coke or taking horse tranquilizers to lose all that weight.

i feel sorry for that baby. stunt queens for parents and a pimp for a grandmother and slores for aunts. that kid practically growing up in a whore house.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed he has tried to turn her into his beyonce? This self hating fag is with a known ho n doesnt care bcuz she's a non black.

Anonymous said...

Wannabe beyonce/ jlo.

Anonymous said...

What weight's her ass not a picture of her stomach.

WTF?? said...

Her shit looks ridiculous and is deformed. Exact reason all these celebs get cancer some where down the line. Putting all this crap in there body, unnecessary surgeries, not to mention all the std's they give each other back and forth. She should've deleted all them weird ass pics.

Anonymous said...

it looks so fake
sadly most men still love the pseudobooty

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