Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lady Gaga Shuts Down Rihanna Rumors

Lady Gaga shuts down rumors of a collab with Rihanna.
Our eyes glazed over with excitement earlier this month with the rumors that two of the world's preeminent pop divas might collaborate. Alas, it turns out the speculation was indeed just that, as Lady Gaga denied that she and Rihanna have teamed up for a track on her new album.
During an appearance on Los Angeles' KISS-FM, Gaga took a series of fan questions, one of which asked whether the Rihanna rumor had any truth to it.
"Well, no, that's not true. But, I mean, it's a rumor, I guess," she said. "I mean, I like Rihanna. Rihanna's wonderful, and I always like hanging out with her when I see her."
The rumor was sparked at the hand of Rihanna herself, who tweeted what some thought was an allusion to Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters."
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