Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O'Conner

Miley Cyrus mocks Sinead O'Conner mental issues after Sinead writes Miley a heartfelt open letter urging her not to let the industry prostitute her.

Miley Cyrus is giving Sinead O'Connor a taste of her own medicine. Just hours after O'Connor, 46, penned a lengthy open letter to Cyrus about her outlandish behavior and how's she's apparently prostituting herself, the "We Can't Stop" singer shared a photo of O'Connor's 1992 infamous moment when she ripped a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live. "#SNL," Cyrus simply wrote alongside the photo on Thursday, Oct. 3.
Top top it off, Cyrus, 20, also compared O'Connor to none other than Amanda Bynes. "Before Amanda Bynes.... There was…" the Bangerz star wrote. Alongside the comment, Cyrus posted a screenshot of tweets from O'Connor's old Twitter account from two years ago. Some of the tweets included the Irish singer trying to find a psychiatrist in Ireland who could "urgently" see her as soon as possible. (Bynes' parents gave an update on their 27-year-old daughter on Sept. 30 that she's "making great strides towards recovery" since moving to celebrity rehab center The Canyon in Malibu three weeks ago.)

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Anonymous said...

Sinead struck a nerve, that's why Miley lashed out. She knows that she's an industry puppet who's only acting out what her handlers want her to do.

WTF?? said...

Miley wants to be the Jenna Jameson of pop. What Sinead didn't get, is the fact this hillbilly WANTS to be prostituted, used and dicked down in the industry. If it means fame and her delusions of grandeur in having Beyfakes top spot in pop, she'll do whatever. Sorry Sinead you tried to care about her raggedy ass, but she dissed you in return. Goes to show how screwed up she is.

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