Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Naomi Campbell Calls Out Victoria Beckham

Naomi Campbell calls out Victoria Beckham for not using any Black models during London Fashion Week.

Victoria Beckham better duck -- there's about to be a cell phone thrown at her head! The former Spice Girl turned designer has incited the ire of legendary phone-throwing Naomi Campbell when she only featuring one non-white model in her 30-person fashion show during London Fashion Week.
After noting the lack of minority represented on the catwalk recently, the unruly model has waged a campaign exposing discrimination in the fashion industry, including writing a letter naming designers whom she felt showed a lack of diversity. Victoria was one of the offenders on the list, and apparently Naomi even personally called Victoria to discuss the issue after the designer was included on a letter listing all the offending design houses.
The statuesque 43-year-old told the UK's Mirror: "I called Victoria and I spoke to her. I don't want to pin-point anyone. It isn't a blame game. Everyone's name was on that letter because they'd done it.
'It could have been completely unintentional. She is one of the designers on there like everyone else."
The fashionable duo have a storied friendship. They were friends in the late '90s and then had a falling out when Naomi questioned Victoria's nickname "Posh." Mrs. Beckham responded to the jab by calling the supermodel a "massive cow" on her British TV show, Victoria's Secrets.
Despite the cat fight, the leggy ladies made up eight years later when Victoria got involved in Naomi's Fashion for Relief Flood campaign and since then the twosome have remained close.
In 2010, Naomi even complemented the mom of four, "I love Victoria Beckham's dresses. I've worn many of them before. I've also got her jeans. I love her work and she's a great friend and mother." Victoria better make it right by having her next show chock full of lovely ladies of color, otherwise she is going to have a very skinny nemesis on her hands.
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Of course majority of fashion designers are racist, I'm not spending my money on then so I could care less, if blacks are so offended stop making them rich. all the same that sour faced Victoria does make some nice dresses, I saw Beyoncé wore one and it looked nice on her. her dresses seems to compliment the female form, despite the fact she obviously has an eating disorder, used a surrogate for the last baby. I really did not buy she gave birth to that child which looks nothing like her, she's another pregnancy faker.

Anonymous said...

Victoria hates black people but Naomi can you explain your erratic behavior sometimes violent behavior.

Anonymous said...

That's why all these rappers, actors, and such should not support the fashion industry they don't want you on the magazines, in the shows etc. I wouldnt call Victoria a racist maybe anti social, cold or weird but Naomi has a point even though she is crazy atleast she is speaking out.

M. said...

White women are generally better-looking... boo-hoo!

No-one is yelling racism at the NFL, the 100-metre sprint, and the NBA being black-majority (in a White-majority country). Could it be because blacks may be inherently at bursts of strength? Which they undeniably are. But God forbids Whites are.

White is objectively more beautiful and this is a White-created nation. You want a majority Black fashion show, go to Africa. Why isn't Naomi campaigning against the paucity of White models in Africa?

Really Now! said...

@ M...

What I hate most is a dirty filthy RACIST!

Anonymous said...

"...apparently Naomi even personally called Victoria to discuss the issue AFTER the designer was included on a letter listing all the offending design houses."

While I get where Campbell is coming from, this is tacky. You don't put someone on blast in public they call them afterwards to discuss the matter.

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