Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rihanna and Cara Delevingne Shacking Up in New York?

Insiders say Rihanna and model Cara Delevingne are moving in with each other in New York.

Fifty-percent of our day is spent wishing we were Cara Delevingne. The other 50 per cent is spent frantically googling how to dress like her on the cheap. From being bum chums with Rita Ora et al, to walking in the best fashion shows in the land, which we definitely don’t try to replicate in the office (ahem), she’s got it all.
And today. TODAY we have another reason to be well jel, because an insider has gone and told Now magazine that Cazza and new bessie Rihanna are planning to shack-up together in the big apple itself- NEW BLOODY YORK.
The rumours seem to stem from RiRi’s flee to NYC after a recent attempted burglary and Cara Delevinegar’s move to kickstart a film career. Erm, is there any talent this girl doesn’t have?
The new BFFs (soz Rita) met at last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and aside from generally looking sickeningly amehzing at the event, C-Dezza found time to slap RiRi’s bum, which consequently made Ri say Te Amo and fall in love. She’s all about the spanking that RiRi.
A source told Now that: “the two decided that since they have such similar lifestyles – up all night raving at nightclubs- they’d make perfect roommates.” Hey guys, we like to parDy too, can we join please?
The insider added: “Rihanna’s promised Cara she’ll introduce her to all her friends and take her to her fave bars and restaurants.” Stalking from a distance is legal, right?
We’re not quite sure if this will actually happen, but if it does, we would love nothing more than to be a fly on the wall. A bit like when we used to watch the Big Brother live stream 24 blaady 7.
We pity the landlord already. What do you reckon? Will Cara and Rihanna actually become roomies? Leave your thoughts and housewarming gifts below please and thank you.
Jacked from Sugar Scape


Anonymous said...

Was the author of this article high or something???

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

@9:02 yes that muthafukka was high!! they are just as usual trying to foist another talentless hack on the public, this creepy druggie looking "model" rich yt kid trying to be a big time celebrity, the family has hired the usual publicist to spin the bullshit of how talented she is, notice the 50% wishing and 50% googling how to dress like a meth head creepy looking corpse. fuck cocaine meth is a hell of a drug smh.

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