Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rihanna Buys a Seat on a Space Ship

Rihanna has purchased a seat on the the first civilian flight to space.

Rihanna is set to spend $750,000 to go into space.
The 'Only Girl (In The World)' singer is reportedly planning to buy three seats on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic program.
The 25-year-old pop superstar is on the waiting list for one of next year's expensive flights, and she hopes to take her younger brother Rorrey, 23, and a bodyguard on the out-of-this-world mission.
A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Rihanna has already put down a deposit for the flight.
"She has been obsessed with space since she was a child so it would be a dream come true for her."
Rihanna has long been fascinated by space and her rapper-and-DJ brother lifted the lid on her obsession with aliens last month. Rorrey revealed: "She believes there are UFOs. No one knows for sure, but Ri and I think they're out there."
The 'Diamonds' singer - who is worth more than $43 million - is set to join fellow famous wannabe astronauts Ashton Kutcher and his girlfriend Mila Kunis, Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio who all have confirmed seats on the Virgin Atlantic program.
The world's first commercial spaceline is expected to launch in 2014 and more than 500 people have already paid deposits for the trips.
The Virgin Galactic website states seats are $250,000 each and many potential passengers have visited Necker Island with Branson and completed G-force training. SpaceShipTwo was unveiled in the Mojave Desert in California in 2009.
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That's Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Oh please I'm not going nowhere near space. I was born right here on Tiamat and this is where I will stay till I die, now once I have made the ascension I will happily float all over the cosmo's, without being hampered by flesh. I can wait, fuck yt his fuckeries and dumb ass rich niggas cosigning this mess.

Anonymous said...

And don't come back, bitch.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Too bad it can' blast off asap and take the goat yodeler on a one-way trip into the final frontier. so sick of this bish and her big ass FiveHead.

Anonymous said...

Please leave her ass on the moon!

Anonymous said...

if I had the money I wouldn't go to no moon ...that shit would be boring and a waste of time ....i'm sitting here now wishing I could pay up all my bills fu&k a space trip !

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